Mail Fraud — Federal Law

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    Mail Fraud: Fictitious Name or Address — 18 USC § 1342   What is Federal Mail Fraud?   Conducting, promoting, or carrying on by means of the Postal Service, any scheme, fraud, artifice or any other unlawful business, uses or assumes, or requests to be addressed by, any fictitious, false, or assumed title, name, or… Read more »

Wire Fraud: Electric Communication and Telephone — Federal Law

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   Federal Law for Wire Fraud: Electronic Communications, Radio, or Television — 18 USC § 1343     The federal statute for wire fraud reads as follows: Devising or intending to devise any scheme or artifice to defraud, or for obtaining money or property by means of false or fraudulent pretenses, representations, or promises, transmits or… Read more »

Unauthorized Parking Motor Vehicle On Private Property

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New Orleans Municipal Court Attorney     What Is Unauthorized Parking Of Motor Vehicle On Private Property?   Whenever any motor vehicle without a driver is reported in violation of this section, the officer, upon finding such vehicle shall, at his discretion, either remove the vehicle from the private property to the department pound or… Read more »

Crack Cocaine — Fair Sentencing Act 2010 Amendment

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    Federal Criminal Defense Attorney     What Is the Crack Cocaine Amendment to the Federal Sentencing Guidelines?    Historically, federal law treated those convicted of crack cocaine offenses much more harshly than those convicted of offenses involving cocaine. This is despite the fact that chemically the substances are very similar and physiologically they… Read more »

Bank Fraud — Federal Law

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  New Orleans Federal Defense Attorney   This past week, a former LSU football player pled guilty to Bank Fraud in the US Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana.  Lucky for him, Robert Packnett avoided jail time and was sentenced to 5 years federal probation.  He was also ordered to pay approximately $233,000 in… Read more »

Execution Of Death Row Inmate Stayed to Allow Time For Organ Donation

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Death Row Inmates and Organ Donation   Elizabeth Bagert Carpenter, Attorney at Law    As many of you know, I am an advocate of organ donation due to the many health issues my mother suffered, i.e. liver and kidney failure.  Naturally, this story caught my eye and made me wonder why we do not routinely… Read more »