Revenge Porn: Louisiana Lawmakers Pass New Law

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  Louisiana Joins Trend of States Banning ‘Revenge Porn’ “Vengeance is mine” is a quote often attributed to God by Bible followers. (Romans: 12:19, “Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.”) It encourages people to leave justice to a higher power in lieu of taking matters into their own hands.   But, “vengeance… Read more »

Residential Contractor Fraud – Louisiana Law

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  During the 2014 legislative session, the Louisiana law makers repealed the statute for Home Improvement Fraud and replaced it with Residential Contractor Fraud.   Louisiana Residential Contractor Fraud Statute– La. R.S. 14:202.1 Residential contractor fraud is the misappropriation or intentional taking of anything of value which belongs to another, either without the consent of… Read more »

Gun Rights and Domestic Battery Convictions — Louisiana Law

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  During the 2014 legislative session, Louisiana lawmakers added and modified many laws pertaining to domestic violence.  One of the most significant actions taken was the creation of Louisiana Revised Statute 14:95.10, which prohibits someone previously convicted of domestic abuse battery from possessing a firearm or carrying a concealed weapon for 10 years. The statute was created… Read more »

New Louisiana Motorist Laws Effective August

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  New Louisiana Traffic Laws 2014 Today is August 1st.  This means that many laws and amendments passed during the 2014 Louisiana Legislative Session will affect motorists throughout the state starting today. Below I have listed a few notable changes affecting motorists.  Please note: the new laws pertaining to DWI arrests and convictions are not included… Read more »

Three New Louisiana Laws Regarding Gun Rights

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  Governor Bobby Jindal has signed three bills into law.  Two of these bills expand gun rights, while the third one restricts gun rights.   Carrying Weapons in Establishments that Serve Alcohol A new law that allows concealed-carry permit holders to carry their weapons into restaurants that serve alcohol — the establishment must make most of its… Read more »

LACDL Adopts Marijuana Policy Statement

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  I am happy to report that the Louisiana Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers’ (LACDL) voted last week to adopt an official policy statement related to the possession and use of marijuana. The 2014 legislative session has a number of marijuana-related bills up for debate. The LACDL Marijuana Policy Statement is as follows:   We… Read more »

New Louisiana Bill Aims to Create the Crime of Unlawful Storage of a Firearm

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New Orleans Weapons Crimes Attorney   Elizabeth B. Carpenter — Weapons and Gun Defense Attorney   The Louisiana News Bureau has just announced a proposed bill that aims to create the crime of unlawful storage of a firearm.    This is House Bill 4 by Rep Norton.The proposed law provides that it is unlawful to… Read more »