Fifth Circuit Says Louisiana Can’t Nix Good-Time Credits Retroactively

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  Price v. Wade Correctional Center Should individuals who violate parole conditions after completing a prison term lose the lion’s share of the good-time credit they previously earned while incarcerated? Not according to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, which recently ruled in favor of a man who was denied his good-time credits by the… Read more »

Parole Eligibility Laws — Louisiana

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  Happy New Year!  I know that my blog has been rather quiet lately. The past few weeks have been packed with good food, family and friends,making goals for the new year and planning how I intend to accomplish said goals.  Anyway, I am back and ready to serve up some information onLouisiana criminal laws… Read more »

Credit for Time Served — Criminal Defense Attorney New Orleans

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NEW ORLEANS CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY   ELIZABETH B. CARPENTER — Louisiana Parole Attorney   Credit for Prior Custody — Limitations — La C.Cr.P. Article 880   A.  A defendant shall receive credit toward service of his sentence for time spent in actual custody prior to the imposition of sentence. B.  A defendant shall receive credit only… Read more »

Supervision Upon Release After Diminution of Sentence for Good Time — Parole Attorney Louisiana

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CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY NEW ORLEANS   ELIZABETH B. CARPENTER — Louisiana Parole Attorney   Supervision upon release after diminution of sentence for good behavior — La R.S. 15:571.5   A.  When a prisoner committed to the Department of Public Safety and Corrections is released because of diminution of sentence, he shall be released as if… Read more »