Misdemeanor Sexual Battery — Louisiana Law

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  Misdemeanor Sexual Battery During the 2015 legislative session, Louisiana lawmakers created the crime of misdemeanor sexual battery.  This offense is defined as the following:   The intentional touching of the breasts or buttocks of the victim by the offender, or the offender by the victim, using any instrumentality or any part of the body… Read more »

Jared Fogle and the Complexities Surrounding Child-Exploitation Offenses

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  Our Criminal Justice System Needs to Reevaluate How It Handles Child Sex Abuse Cases The news surrounding the recent child exploitation case against Jared Fogle – the face of the Subway fast-food chain for many years – is spurring debate about the rising trend of individuals who are suddenly popping up in the news… Read more »

SCOTUS Update: Restitution in Child Pornography Cases Must Be Limited

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  Supreme Court ruling Outlines Limits on Child Pornography Restitution Should those who download child porn pay the victims?   A while back, I wrote a couple blogs about the legal battle concerning restitution between people who have pleaded guilty to possession of child pornography and the victims in the photographs. See here and here…. Read more »

Solicitation of Transportation in Exchange for Sexual Intercourse

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  Solicitation of Funds or Transportation for Certain Unlawful Purposes – La. R.S. 14:107.5   This is a new law that was created during the 2014 legislative session, essentially this law states that it is unlawful to ask someone for a ride or transportation in exchange for sexual intercourse. This is considered a prostitution related offense…. Read more »

Aggravated Crimes Against Nature — Louisiana Law

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     AGGRAVATED CRIMES AGAINST NATURE — La.R.S. 14:89.1   Aggravated crime against nature is crime against nature committed under any one or more of the following circumstances: (1)  When the victim resists the act to the utmost, but such resistance is overcome by force; (2)  When the victim is prevented from resisting the act… Read more »