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New Orleans Criminal Defense Attorney Granted AVVO Client’s Choice Award

Criminal Defense Attorney New Orleans


Elizabeth Bagert Carpenter — Attorney New Orleans


Criminal Defense Attorney Granted AVVO Client’s Choice Award


This is old news that we probably should have shared months ago.  Better late than never, I suppose. awarded Attorney Elizabeth Bagert Carpenter the Client’s Choice award for 2012.  Being recognized in such a way is an honor, especially since Ms. Carpenter always aims to provide exceptional client services and regularly asks former clients to review her performance. is an expert-only Q&A forum where people can ask legal questions of lawyers, for free.  The Q&A forum also includes an online directory of lawyers licensed in the United States. Avvo provides listings to which attorneys can submit their own profiles and histories. The listings may also include client reviews, disciplinary actions, and peer endorsements.



Arrested In New Orleans? — New Orleans Criminal Attorney

Arrested in New Orleans


Elizabeth B. Carpenter, Esq. — Criminal Attorney New Orleans


If you or a loved one has been arrested while visiting New Orleans, you need a New Orleans Criminal Defense Attorney to help you get out of jail.  This is especially true for individuals who are from another state because most commercial bondsman will not offer bonds to people who do not have significant ties to the community.

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It is important to get an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney involved in a case as soon as possible.  An good attorney can:

  • Make sure that a bond is set in a timely manner.
  • Move the  Court to reduce a bond that has been set too high.
  • Recommend a Commercial Surety/Bondsman.
  • Move the Court to release the defendant on his own Recognizance.


Types of Bond in Louisiana:


1)  Recognizance – when an accused is released on recognizance (ROR ), he or she promises to the court to attend all required judicial proceedings.  A monetary amount is set by the court, but is not paid by the defendant.  This is also called an unsecured appearance bond or release on one’s own recognizance.

2) Commercial Surety Bond - a bail bondsman agrees to post the bond to guarantee that the accused will return to court.  This service is provided commercially by the bail bondsman in exchange for payment of 13% of the bail amount.  The bondsman keeps this money regardless of whether the defendant appears in court — it is non-refundable.

3) Property Bond – the accused or a person acting on his behalf posts real property having equity at least equal to the amount of the bail. If the accused fails to appear for trial the state can levy or institute foreclosure proceedings against the property to recover the bail.

4) Cash Bond – the total amount of bail is posted in cash with the court. If the accused does not appear as instructed, the cash bond is forfeited and a bench warrant is issued. If the defendant shows up for their scheduled court appearances, the cash is returned to the person who posted the bond at the conclusion of the case.  Anyone including the defendant can post a cash bond. If the defendant posts his own bond, the Court will deduct fines and costs from the bond before returning any balance.

5) Personal Surety Bond (PSBU) – This is a signature bond by someone other than the defendant (usually a family member) who pledges the full amount of the bond. Typically a hearing is held where the third party guarantees to the court that they will pay the forfeited bond if a defendant fails to appear for their scheduled court appearances.  The person must establish that they have sufficient assets to cover the bond amount should the defendant forfeit the bond by failing to appear at court. If the bond is forfeited, the court can demand the amount of the bond from the signer of the bond.


 Criminal Defense Attorney, Elizabeth B. Carpenter, is here to help you navigate through the process of posting bond for a friend or loved one!






This Blog is for general information purposes only.  While we do our best to keep all our posts updated, the Louisiana legislature makes changes to our laws every year.  Unfortunately, we sometimes unintentionally fail to make appropriate updates.  If you have any specific questions, please contact our firm.  We are here to assist you with your legal questions.



Jefferson Parish DWI DUI Attorney

New Orleans DWI DUI Attorney

Elizabeth B. Carpenter, Esq. — DWI Attorney New Orleans 


Metairie DWI Attorney, Kenner DWI Attorney, Gretna DWI Attorney, Marrero DWI Attorney, Westwego DWI Attorney, Harvey DWI Attorney, Grande Isle DWI Attorney, Harahan DWI Attorney, Jean Lafitte DWI Attorney


Contact Elizabeth B. Carpenter, Esq. a New Orleans based DWI Attorney.  We have handled many DWI in Jefferson Parish!  


Attorney Elizabeth B Carpenter

Ms. Carpenter has defended nearly every kind of  Drinking and Driving case Imaginable.  It is very important to consult a DWI attorney immediately after a DWI arrest to preserve your driving privileges.  DWI arrests are based solely on officers’ subjective opinions and machines used to measure blood alcohol content can be unreliable, especially when not administered properly. Therefore, DWI defense is very complicated and involves an intricate understanding of the scientific as well as the legal issues. Ms. Carpenter has completed courses on NHTSA DWI Detection and Field Sobriety Testing and the breath testing machine known as the Intoxilyzer 5000. These are the same courses law enforcement must take. This level of dedication to the defense of DWI charges helps helps Ms. Carpenter challenge the common errors that police officers make when arresting citizens for DWI in the New Orleans area. Quite often, these errors form enough evidence to have the entire case dismissed. 



Louisiana Expungement Day 2012

Louisiana Expungement Attorney

The East Baton Rouge Public Defender’s Office, the Greater Baton Rouge Chapter of the Louis A. Martinet Legal Society and the Louisiana Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers present:

Expungement Day
January 14, 2011
10:00AM – 2:00PM

Dr. Leo S. Butler Community Center
950 E. Washington Street
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70802

The sponsors are proud to bring Expungement Day to Baton Rouge and the Dr. Leo S. Butler Community Center for the first time. Expungement Day is an opportunity for anyone who has a question about expunging an arrest or conviction to consult with an attorney free of charge. Volunteer attorneys will be available to answer questions related to why it is important to obtain expungements, how to file the necessary forms and if a particular charge is expungeable at all. In addition, attorneys specializing in employment and housing law will be on hand to answer any questions related to the impact of a criminal history on employment or housing opportunities.

This is a purely informational event and participating lawyers will not be preparing or filing expungement applications.

New Office Location!

New Orleans Criminal Defense News

Elizabeth B. Carpenter, Esq. — New Orleans Criminal Attorney.

Exciting News!  Today, I secured new office space in the CBD.  Our office will be located in Place St. Charles at 201 St. Charles Avenue.  We should be completely moved by December 1, 2011.  In the summer of 2012, we hope to have a second location in Metairie.  Stay tuned for more updates!

Thank you for all your support!