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Credit for Prior Custody — Limitations — La C.Cr.P. Article 880


A.  A defendant shall receive credit toward service of his sentence for time spent in actual custody prior to the imposition of sentence.

B.  A defendant shall receive credit only for time in actual custody and only once during any calendar month when consecutive sentences are imposed.

C.  No defendant shall receive credit for any time served prior to the commission of the crime.

D.  A defendant shall not receive credit for time served under home incarceration.

E.  A defendant shall not receive overlapping jail credit, except in the instance of concurrent sentences and then only for time spent in jail on the instant felony.

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Supervision Upon Release After Diminution of Sentence for Good Time — Parole Attorney Louisiana



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Supervision upon release after diminution of sentence for good behavior — La R.S. 15:571.5


A.  When a prisoner committed to the Department of Public Safety and Corrections is released because of diminution of sentence, he shall be released as if released on parole.

B.(1)  Before any prisoner is released on parole upon diminution of sentence, he shall be issued a certificate of parole that enumerates the conditions of parole.  These conditions shall be explained to the prisoner and the prisoner shall agree in writing to such conditions prior to his release on parole.

(2)  The person released because of diminution of sentence shall be supervised in the same manner and to the same extent as if he were released on parole.  The supervision shall be for the remainder of the original full term of sentence.  If a person released because of diminution of sentence pursuant to this Part violates a condition imposed by the parole board, the board shall proceed in the same manner as it would to revoke parole to determine if the release upon diminution of sentence should be revoked.

C.  If such person’s parole is revoked by the parole board for violation of the terms of parole, the person shall be recommitted to the department for the remainder of the original full term, subject to credit for time served for good behavior while on parole.


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