Domestic Violence Defense

Domestic abuse battery is a serious accusation in Louisiana. The penalties for domestic violence may include fines, counseling, anger management, probation, mandatory jail time and a state prison sentence.  Additionally, a domestic violence charge can negatively affect a child custody dispute or divorce – not to mention the fact that you will have a criminal record if you are convicted of this crime. 

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New Orleans Domestic Abuse Battery Defense Attorney

Domestic Violence CrimesDomestic violence cases can be some of the trickiest cases to defend due to the strong, emotional political policy aspects.  Generally, after the accused abuser is arrested and charged, the alleged victim wants to drop the charges.  It is important for you to understand that once an arrest happens the decision to proceed with the case rests in the prosecutors' hands.  Prosecutors are rarely willing to just drop domestic violence charges.  The district attorney is fearful that someone arrested for domestic abuse will hurt or even kill the victim at a later time.  You will need a distinguished New Orleans domestic violence defense attorney.  The district attorney will seek a protective order against you.  This will prohibit you from interacting with the alleged victim in the case.  The objective is to prevent further abuse from occurring while the case is pending.  Such orders can be difficult -- you will be restricted from accessing your home or seeing your children.

New Orleans Domestic Violence Defense Attorney

Domestic abuse battery is the intentional use of force or violence committed by one household member upon the person of another household member.  It can be a misdemeanor or felony.  Domestic violence is also an enhanceable offense – with each additional conviction comes stiffer fines and jail sentences.  A good New Orleans domestic abuse battery defense attorney will thoroughly investigate your case and fight to have it dismissed or have the charges reduced.

New Orleans domestic abuse attorney, Elizabeth B. Carpenter, is committed to helping clients who are facing domestic violence accusation.  She understands the gravity of these charges and will fight to protect your rights.  Ms. Carpenter is proud of her history of success with domestic battery defense in the New Orleans area.



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