Prostitution Crimes Defense Attorney

In Louisiana, the crime of prostitution is defined as the practice of indiscriminate sexual intercourse with others for money or the solicitation of one person by another person with the intent to engage in indiscriminate sexual intercourse with the other person for money.

Attorney Elizabeth B. Carpenter has defended many individuals in New Orleans Parish and Jefferson Parish against allegations of prostitution related offenses:


Pandering in Louisiana includes operating a house of prostitution, trying to force someone into prostitution, and receiving support or maintenance from prostitution. This crime is a felony and has a penalty of fines or imprisonment in Louisiana.

Promoting Prostitution

Promoting prostitution in Louisiana means that a person willfully controls, supervises or manages an enterprise for profit where customers are charged a fee for prostitution. This crime carries a penalty of fines or imprisonment, or both.


Soliciting for prostitution is a separate offense from prostitution in Louisiana and means that a person solicits, invites, or transports another person to any place to promote prostitution. This crime carries a penalty of fines and/or imprisonment.

Letting Premises For Prostitution

Letting premises for prostitution is the granting of the right of use of any premises, knowing that they are to be used for the practice of prostitution, or allowing the continued use of the premises with such knowledge.  This crime carries a penalty of fines and/or imprisonment 

Enticing Persons Into Prostitution

Enticing persons into prostitution is committed when any person over the age of 17 entices, persuades, encourages, or causes the entrance of any other person under the age of 21 into the practice of prostitution, either by force, threats, promises.  This offense is a felony.


If you have been charged with prostitution in Louisiana, our law firm may be able to help you with getting the charges against you dismissed or getting you acquitted if you have to go to trial. We are committed to fighitng for our clients’ rights.  If you need to consult a New Orleans Criminal Defense Attorney, please contact our office at: 504-599-5955.