Weapons Crimes Defense

Weapons Charges Defense AttorneyIn the state of Louisiana, gun and weapon charges are very serious offenses.  Depending on the crime, you can be charged with a misdemeanor or a felony and possibly face jail time, fines, probation and other harsh penalties.  Guns and other weapons are essentially weapons of death.  Accidents or intentional acts can happen and these typically result in the loss of a life.  The public at large is scared of guns and other weapons, and the prosecution will attempt to use this to their advantage.  You will need a dedicated, hard-working New Orleans weapons charges defense attorney to defend you.

New Orleans Weapons Charges Defense Attorney

Attorney Elizabeth B. Carpenter is dedicated to defending individuals accused of violating Louisiana gun and weapon laws. She understands the importance of knowing your rights and having an experienced attorney by your side.  You need an attorney that understands both federal and state gun laws and the right to bear arms afforded you by the Constitution.  Ms. Carpenter will thoroughly investigate your situation and aggressively prepare a strong defense on your behalf. 

If you are accused or charged with any of the following gun or weapon crimes, you need to consult with criminal defense attorney Elizabeth B. Carpenter:

  • Felon with a Firearm
  • Illegal Use of Weapons
  • Illegal Discharge of a Weapon
  • Carrying Concealed Weapon by a Felon
  • Illegally Supplying a Felon with a Firearm
  • Illegally Supplying a Felon with Ammunition
  • Use of Firearm in Commission of a Crime
  • Illegally Carrying a Firearm in a Firearm Free Zone
  • Illegally Carrying a Firearm at a School or School Function
  • Reckless Discharge of a Firearm at a Parade or Demonstration
  • Illegal Possession of Body Armor
  • Trafficking Firearms
  • Possession of Illegal Weapon
  • Possession of or Dealing in Firearms with Obliterated Number or Mark
  • Possession of Firearm on Premises of Alcoholic Beverage Outlet
  • Illegal Possession of a Handgun by a Juvenile


Experienced weapons and gun defense attorney Elizabeth B. Carpenter will aggressively defend you and work hard to minimize the consequences of a weapons crime or dismiss the charges against you. The consequences of a gun or weapon charge can have a long lasting negative effect on your life and future.  Seek the help of an experienced criminal attorney who can take action and stand by your side.  Contact us at 504-599-5955 – available to serve you 24/7.