Child Pornography Crime Defense

Child Pornography Defense AttorneyChild pornography, also referred to as pornography involving juveniles, is one of the most serious types of criminal offenses that a person may face in New Orleans. Whether it is simple possession or allegations of distribution, a defendant could face a life-long prison sentence, an entirely ruined reputation and career, as well as mandatory sex offender registration.  Media attention, political groups and the community have contributed to the harsh consequences of any sex crime in Louisiana. In order to ensure your case receives the best opportunity for success, you need an attorney who has the understanding and the resources to stand by your side and help formulate a winning defense strategy.  Your choice in defense attorneys will directly affect the outcome of your case.

Child Pornography Attorney New Orleans

Elizabeth B. Carpenter Law is uniquely qualified to defend clients who have been accused of a child pornography offense in New Orleans area. We have represented countless clients in child pornography cases in Louisiana.  Some of the specific types of cases we address include the possession, production, possession, distribution or sale of child pornography in New Orleans. Our knowledge of the law and experience in child pornography defense gives us the skill you need to effectively challenge the allegations made against you.

Child pornography charges are often complex. Penalties may vary depending upon the specific facts of the case, as well as the jurisdiction. Our firm represents clients in both Louisiana state and federal court for child pornography crimes. We understand how to address specific factors that may result in enhanced penalties in New Orleans child pornography cases, such as prepubescent enhancements, penetration enhancements and quantity enhancements. We also know how to address issues that are specific to this particular field, such as peer to peer sharing and child pornography in chat rooms. Regardless of the severity of your charges or the particular type of offense you may have been accused of committing, you can count on our steadfast determination to fully protect your rights.

Child Pornography Defense New Orleans

Given our familiarity and experience with complex child pornography defense in New Orleans, our firm is an excellent choice for your criminal defense representation. We strive to provide only the highest quality representation through every step of the criminal process. When you work with a New Orleans child pornography defense lawyer at our firm, you can rely upon our skilled legal counsel as we guide you through this difficult time. With the extensive resources and expertise of a large firm but the personalized attention and one-on-one service that only a private attorney can provide, we have built a track record of outstanding case results in defending the people of New Orleans against child pornography allegations.



If you need a Child Pornography Defense Attorney in New Orleans, call attorney Elizabeth B. Carpenter at 504-599-5955 or email her to schedule a consultation.  Early intervention by an experienced sex crime defense attorney can make a tremendous difference in your case.  We are here to help you, not judge you.  Available 24/7 to assist you!