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  This Blog is for general information purposes only.  While we do our best to keep all our posts updated, the Louisiana legislature makes changes to our laws every year.  Unfortunately, we sometimes unintentionally fail to make appropriate updates.  If you have any specific questions, please contact our firm.  We are here to assist you with your legal questions.

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Criminal Assistance to Suicide in Louisiana

The Louisiana law for Criminal assistance to suicide was passed in 1995. The statute may be found at La. R.S. 32.12. What is Criminal Assistance to Suicide in Louisiana? The intentional advising or encouraging of another person to commit suicide or the providing of the physical means or the knowledge of such means to another person for the purpose of enabling the other person to commit or attempt to commit suicide. The intentional advising, encouraging, or assisting of another person to commit suicide, or the participation in any physical act which causes, aids, abets, or assists another person in [...]

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Attorney Carpenter Speaks at Ben Franklin High School

Cyberbullying Faculty Training at Ben Franklin New Orleans criminal attorney, Elizabeth B. Carpenter, gave a presentation on cyberbullying to the faculty of Benjamin Franklin High School in New Orleans. The purpose of this event was to help the staff members fulfill their required 2 hours of annual training in spotting, preventing and handling bullying. Bullying, especially of LGBT students, is a serious problem in our communities. We must continue to address this issue and form a united front against bullying. Did you know.... 9 out of 10 LGBT students reported being harassed and bullied last year. About two-thirds of [...]

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Attorney Carpenter Wins Motion to Remove Client from Sex Registry

New Lease on Life: Attorney Elizabeth Carpenter Wins Petition to Remove Client from Sex Offender Registry A Louisiana man now has a “new lease on life” by no longer having to register with local authorities as a sex offender, thanks to the efforts of Elizabeth B. Carpenter, Esq. The man, now in his late 30s, was only a freshman in college when he was convicted of felony carnal knowledge of a juvenile in the late 1990s following intimate contact with a minor who was only a few years younger than him. Earlier this week, Carpenter successfully argued a motion [...]

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Contributing to the Delinquency of Juvenile – Louisiana & The New Orleans Area

Louisiana Law for Contributing to the Delinquency of Juveniles The law in Louisiana for Contributing to the delinquency of a minor can be found at La. R.S. 14:92. It is defined as the intentional enticing, aiding, soliciting, or permitting, by anyone over the age of seventeen, of any child under the age of seventeen, and no exception shall be made for a child who may be emancipated by marriage or otherwise, to do any of the following: (1) Beg, sing, sell any article or play any musical instrument in any public place for the purpose of receiving alms - [...]

Obscenity – Louisiana

OBSCENITY LAWS - La. R.S. 14:106 If you or a loved one is facing an Obscenity charge, you must contact a criminal defense attorney for a consultation. The crime of obscenity is the intentional: Exposure of the genitals, pubic hair, anus, vulva, or female breast nipples in any public place or place open to the public view, or in any prison or jail, with the intent of arousing sexual desire or which appeals to prurient interest or is patently offensive. Even a simple prank of flashing someone could be seen as obscenity to others. Hard core sexual conduct when the judge [...]

Disturbing the Peace Law in Louisiana

Louisiana Disturbing the Peace Law --  La. R.S. 14:103 Elizabeth B. Carpenter is a New Orleans Disturbing the Peace attorney who represents people throughout South Louisiana. Disturbing the Peaceis the doing any of the following in such manner as would foreseeably disturb or alarm the public: (1)  Engaging in a fistic encounter; or (2)  Addressing any offensive, derisive, or annoying words to any other person who is lawfully in any street, or other public place; or call him by any offensive or derisive name, or make any noise or exclamation in his presence and hearing with the intent to [...]

Bestiality / Sexual Abuse of an Animal – Louisiana

During the 2018 Louisiana legislative session, the law makers created the crime of Sexual abuse of an animal. This statute can be found at La. R.S. 14:89.3. It reads as follows: What is sexual abuse of an animal under Louisiana law? Sexual abuse of an animal is the knowing and intentional performance of any of the following: (1) Engaging in sexual contact with an animal. (2) Possessing, selling, transferring, purchasing, or otherwise obtaining an animal with the intent that it be subject to sexual contact. (3) Organizing, promoting, conducting, aiding or abetting, or participating in as an observer, any [...]

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Aggravated Battery — Louisiana

New Orleans Battery Defense Attorney Aggravated Battery -- La RS 14:34 Aggravated battery is a battery committed with a dangerous weapon. Penalty and Sentencing This is a felony and a crime of violence. Whoever commits an aggravated battery shall be fined not more than Five Thousand Dollars, imprisoned with or without hard labor for not more than 10 years, or both. At least one year of the sentence imposed shall be served without benefit of parole, probation, or suspension of sentence if the offender knew or should have known that the victim is an active member of the United States [...]

Heroin Possession and Distribution — Louisiana

Louisiana Heroin Laws Our New Orleans drug defense attorney knows that people battling drug addiction or abuse need help. They are not bad people; they are suffering from a disease and need care and treatment to recover. Ms. Carpenter fights on behalf of those charged with drug possession offenses, working to obtain an outcome that avoids jail time and focuses on rehabilitation and recovery. Under the Louisiana Criminal Code, Heroin is classified as a Schedule I controlled dangerous substance. These crimes are felonies. The laws pertaining to possession and distribution are as follows: Possession of Heroin Penalties If a person is found [...]

Explanation of Rape Laws in Louisiana

In 2015, Louisiana lawmakers changed the name of Aggravated Rape, Forcible Rape and Simple Rape to First Degree Rape, Second Degree Rape and Third Degree Rape, respectively. The terms are interchangeably used herein.  First Degree Rape -- 14:42 La R.S. First Degree Rape is a rape committed upon a person 65 years old or older or under the age of 13 where sexual intercourse is without lawful consent of the victim because it is committed under any one or more of the following circumstances: (1)  When the victim resists the act, but whose resistance is overcome by force. (2)  When [...]

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