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New Orleans Traffic Violations Defense

The best way to handle a New Orleans traffic ticket in is to hire an experienced New Orleans traffic attorney to advocate on your behalf.  Having a New Orleans traffic lawyer handling your ticket pays off in the long-run — your fines can be minimized, your insurance premiums will remain low, and your driving record will be clean.   Traffic tickets impact your insurance premiums for many years.


Attorney Elizabeth B. Carpenter, a New Orleans Traffic Ticket and New Orleans DWI Attorney.


New Orleans Traffic Court is open for business to handle New Orleans Traffic Tickets Monday through Friday at 727 S.
Broad Street New Orleans, LA.  70119

Ticket payment infomation: 504-658-8500


Trials held in Traffic Court Division A and Division B are scheduled Monday-Friday at 8:00 a.m. Trials in Division C and Division D are scheduled Monday – Friday at 2:00 pm.


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