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Internet crimes are on the rise, and have been for years.  Due to the popularity of this form of doing business, new forms of defrauding people through this medium have emerged.  Since the crime can originate anywhere, these offenses are often considered to be federal offenses, which can have much harsher penalties. They are also pursued vigorously by law enforcement, due to the sharp increase in these types of crimes.

Some of the types of Federal Internet Crimes that we can assist you with include:

The area of internet crimes is complex and can involve not only local authorities, but State and Federal as well.  Depending on the crime you are charged with, there may be several counts of wrongdoing to contend with.  The specific penalties that a defendant faces for a federal computer crime conviction will vary depending upon the particular offense. For example, while imprisonment may be a common denominator for all computer crimes, heavy fines and victim restitution are more likely in a case involving fraud and sex offender registration will likely be mandatory in a case involving child pornography.   You will need the experience and expertise of a highly skilled criminal defense attorney to ensure your defense is properly formulated.


Legal Assistance

If you are under investigation for an federal internet sex crime, contact a New Orleans Federal Criminal Defense Attorney.


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