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Louisiana law prohibits “novelty, unofficial, or fraudulent credentials intended to simulate” government-issued identification. High school students and college students under 21 years old use fake IDs to purchase alcohol and get into bars regularly. As a parent, it can be troubling if you suspect that your child is using a fake ID to buy and consume alcohol while underage.
In a recent study of just over two-thirds college students, had or used a fake ID to buy alcohol. What are the consequences to using a fake ID? What are the consequences to underage drinking or underage drinking and driving?Louisiana law dictates that it is illegal for an individual under 21 to show fake identification in order to obtain or purchase alcohol. If your child has a fake ID, it is likely that they are drinking alcohol underage as well. The penalties for underage drinking (also known as a minor in possession), or underage drinking and driving, are much more severe than simply having a fake ID. Louisiana minor in possession: Up to $150 fine, Up to 6 months in jail,180-day license suspension, Louisiana consequences for underage drinking and driving. If your child is found driving with a blood alcohol content above .02 percent, they can face DWI charges. This type of charge will likely go on their criminal record, which will appear on background checks done by employers and landlords. Penalties for a first-offense DWI include: Up to $1,000 fine, 90-day license suspension, As little as 2 days, but up to 6 months, in jail.

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