Fraudulent Acquisition of a Rental Car or Other Motor Vehicle — Louisiana

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Elizabeth B. Carpenter Law Firm has defended many individuals accused of Fraud involving a rental car.  If you are being charged with any White Collar or Economic Crimecontact our office for a consultation.  Our job is to protect your rights!


 Fraudulent Acquisition of a Rental Motor Vehicle — La R.S. 14:67.14

Fraudulent acquisition of a rental motor vehicle is the lease or rental of a motor vehicle from a commercial lessor by the intentional giving or communicating payment information to the commercial lessor relating to how the lessee will pay the rental fee, or part thereof, when the lessee knows or reasonably should know that the payment information is or was false, fraudulent, insufficient, or incorrect.  For purposes of this Section, incorrect payment information includes but is not limited to the presentation or tender of a credit card or check, when the credit card spending authorization or funds in the checking account are insufficient to cover the payment of the rental vehicle.



Whoever violates the provisions of this Section may be imprisoned for up to 6 months, or fined $1,000.00, or both.

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