Criminal Defense Attorney New Orleans. Elizabeth B Carpenter Law Firm (504) 599-5955 201 St Charles Ave Suite 2500, New Orleans, LA 70170 Understanding Drug Charges: You may be charged with a drug offense for possessing, production, or selling illicit drugs. You can even be charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, which include beakers and scales. All of these charges are serious and handled differently by individual prosecutors. You might be charged with the subsequent drug crimes: Drug Possession – This offense applies to all persons in possession of illegal drugs. The severity of the drug charge depends upon on the amont of drugs in possession at the time of the arrest and the type of substance. Being charged with possession of heroin will be different than distribution of heroin. Drug Trafficking This is the crime of transporting illegal substances into the country for the functions of manufacturing and/or selling tablets. Once again, the severity of the charges will rely on the amount and sort of drug involved. Drug Manufacturing – Manufacturing illegal drugs is a serious charge. There are five “schedules” of charges, with table one being the maximum severity and 5 being the least. Individuals charged with manufacturing drugs face the maximum penalties. Drug Distribution – Selling or distributing drugs is something regulation enforcement takes very seriously. Proving a person is selling drugs as opposed to simply having drugs in your possession usually requires eye-witness testimony. There is a whole lot you will need to discuss with your lawyer after being arrested for any of the above drug crimes. Rest assured, no matter how bad the state of affairs can also seem there is more in your case than meets the eye. Even if a complete dismissal of drug charges isn’t possible, reducing the charges can often be accomplished. It all depends on your state of affairs and the talent of the criminal defense team fighting for your representation.

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