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Elizabeth B. Carpenter, Esq. — Attorney Orleans and St. Tammany Parishes 



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Contact Elizabeth B. Carpenter, Esq. a New Orleans based Traffic Ticket and DWI Attorney.  We have handled many DWI in St. Tammany Parish!  


Attorney Elizabeth B Carpenter

Ms. Carpenter has defended nearly every kind of  Drinking and Driving case Imaginable.  It is very important to consult a DWI attorney immediately after a DWI arrest to preserve your driving privileges.  DWI arrests are based solely on officers’ subjective opinions and machines used to measure blood alcohol content can be unreliable, especially when not administered properly. Therefore, DWI defense is very complicated and involves an intricate understanding of the scientific as well as the legal issues. Ms. Carpenter has completed courses on NHTSA DWI Detection and Field Sobriety Testing and the breath testing machine known as the Intoxilyzer 5000. These are the same courses law enforcement must take. This level of dedication to the defense of DWI charges helps helps Ms. Carpenter challenge the common errors that police officers make when arresting citizens for DWI in the New Orleans area. Quite often, these errors form enough evidence to have the entire case dismissed. 


St. Tammany Traffic Ticket Fines

A processing fee of 2.5% is required on all payments made in the form of credit cards, debit cards or checks


Speeding 1-10 MPH over limit 189.50

Speeding 11-20 MPH over limit 209.50

Speeding 21-30 MPH over limit 234.50

Speeding 31-40MPH over limit COURT

Speeding 41MPH and move over limit COURT

Speeding in School Zone

Speeding in School Zone 5-10 MPH Over Limit COURT

Speeding in School Zone 10-15 MPH Over Limit COURT

Speeding in School Zone 15+ MPH Over Limit COURT

Seatbelt and Failure to Restrain 

Failure to Wear Seatbelt 25.00

Failure to Restrain Child – 1st Offense 204.50

Failure to Restrain Child – 2nd Offense 254.50

Failure to Change Registration 204.50 209.61

Equipment and Parking Violations

Handicapped Parking Zone Violation – 1st Offense 449.50

Handicapped Parking Zone Violation – Subsequent Offense 674.50

Inspection Sticker Expired or None 179.50

Improper Equipment 204.50

Improper Parking 204.50

Insecure Load – No Damage 254.50

Insecure Load – Property Damage 329.50

Off Road Vehicle on Public Highway 254.50

Overload or Spilling Contents 254.50

Parking in Fire Zone – 1st Offense 329.50

Parking in Fire Zone – 2nd Offense 654.50

Switched Plates 254.50

Vehicle License Expired 204.50

Vehicle License None 204.50

Moving Violations

Crossing Median 204.50

Drag Racing 329.50

Driving Through Safety Zone 329.50

Driving on Unopened Highway 204.50

Driving on Wrong Side of Highway 304.50

Excessive Acceleration 204.50 209.61

Failure to Dim Headlights 204.50 209.61

Failure to Maintain Control 204.50 209.61

Failure to Yield Right of Way 204.50

Failure to Report Accident 204.50

Following Authorized Emergency Vehicle – 1st Offense 329.50

Drivers License Not on Person 169.50

Following Authorized Emergency Vehicle – 2nd Offense 654.50

Following Too Close 254.50 260.86

Hit and Run COURT Driving Under Suspension COURT

Impeding Traffic 204.50

Improper Left Turn, No Accident 204.50

Improper Passing or Backing 204.50

Leaving Scene of an Accident COURT

Negligent Injury COURT

Passing stopped School Bus COURT

Reckless Operation (ROMV) COURT

Running Stop Sign 204.50

Running Red Light 254.50

Running or Disobeying Railroad Signal – 1st Offense 329.50

Simple Obstruction COURT

License and Insurance Violations

No Permit/Registration/Eye Goggles 179.50

Driving w/o Glasses or Restriction 204.50

No Drivers License 204.50

No Insurance Papers in Vehicle 184.50

False Information on Liability Insurance 329.50

Allowing Unlicensed Minor to Drive 204.50

Driving Under Revocation COURT

Expired Drivers License 194.50



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