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Plea Bargaining in Criminal Cases

 By Elizabeth B Carpenter

Although plea bargaining is often criticized, more than 90 percent of criminal convictions come from negotiated pleas. Thus, less than ten percent of criminal cases go to trial. Plea negotiations have become a central part of every criminal case. So, what are the incentives behind plea bargaining? Below is a look from the points of view of different players in the criminal justice system.



Judges and Plea Bargaining

For judges, the key incentive for accepting a plea bargain is to alleviate the need to schedule and hold pre-trial motion hearings and a trial on an already overcrowded docket. Judges usually offer lesser penalties and lower sentences to encourage plea bargains.



Prosecutors and Plea Bargaining

For prosecutors, a lighter caseload is equally attractive. But more importantly, plea bargaining assures a conviction, even if it is for a lesser charge or crime. No matter how strong the evidence may be, no case is a foregone conclusion. Prosecutors often wage long and expensive trials but lose.

Moreover, prosecutors may use plea bargaining to further their case against a co-defendant. They may accept a plea bargain arrangement from one defendant in return for damaging testimony against another. This way, they are assured of at least one conviction (albeit on a lesser charge) plus enhanced chances of winning a conviction against the second defendant.



Defendants and Plea Bargaining

For a defendant in a criminal case, plea bargaining provides the opportunity for a lighter sentence on a less severe charge, and to have fewer (or less serious) offenses listed on a criminal record. If they are represented by private counsel, defendants also save the monetary costs of a lengthy trial by accepting a plea bargain.  Lastly, first time offenders are given the opportunity to have their records expunged in exchange for a plea.


Do not accept a plea bargain until you have consulted a skilled lawyer!


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