New Bill Would Eradicate Mandatory Minimum Sentences For Marijuana Possession In Louisiana

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New Bill Would Eradicate Mandatory Minimum Sentences For

Marijuana Possession In Louisiana


Both the Louisiana House and Senate will reconvene for the 2013 Legislative Session in April 8, 2013.  As an attorney, I subscribe to email alerts regarding legislative news.  This evening I was thrilled to see a proposed bill that would eradicate mandatory minimum sentences for Marijuana Possession.


This bill is House Bill 103, sponsored by state Rep. Austin Badon, D-New Orleans.  The proposed bill will lessen penalties for repeat offenders and not subject offenders to Louisiana’s Habitual Offender Law (RS La 15:529.1).    This new law would also apply to synthetic cannabinoids.


I am actually opposed to the legalization of synthetic cannabinoids due to the severe health complications associated with its use.  Of course, complete legalization of Marijuana would obliterate the demand for synthetic cannabinoids.


As a final thought, I think that Representative Badon is going to have a battle to fight in Baton Rouge over this new bill.  The state and local governments as well as substance abuse clinics love the money that they can extort out of people who are found guilty of Marijuana Possession.


The following is a chart demonstrating the proposed changes to the law:



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