Domestic Violence Defense Attorney — Kenner



Attorney Elizabeth B. Carpenter Represents Clients Who Have Been Accused of Domestic Abuse Battery in Kenner.  



If you or a loved one has been arrested for Domestic Violence in the City of Kenner, contact New Orleans Criminal Attorney for a consultation.


Every appearance of a Kenner criminal domestic abuse case is held in Domestic Violence Court from the arraignment to trial.   Please see our list of Domestic Abuse Violence Class in the New Orleans area.


Domestic Abuse Battery is a crime that should not be taken lightly!  It is an offense that is difficult to expunge and can cause you to lose employment opportunities in the future.  We understand that sometimes arguments between couples can get out of control, especially if both parties had been drinking.  Ms. Carpenter has successfully represented both men and women who have been accused of Domestic Battery in Kenner. 

 Helping you maintain a clean record is our #1 priority!

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