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Arrest Or Summons For Violation Of Probation —  La CCRP Article 899


At any time during probation and suspension of sentence the court may issue a warrant for the arrest of a defendant for violation of any of the conditions of probation, or may issue a summons to appear to answer to a charge of violation or threatened violation.

The warrant of arrest may be executed by any peace officer and shall direct that the defendant be returned to the custody of the court or to a designated detention facility.  The summons shall be personally served upon the defendant.

If a probation officer has reasonable cause to believe that a defendant has violated or is about to violate a condition of his probation or that an emergency exists so that awaiting an order of the court would create an undue risk to the public or to the probationer, the probation officer may arrest the defendant without a warrant, or may authorize a peace officer to do so.

The court may grant bail to a defendant who is arrested under this article.

When a warrant for a defendant’s arrest or a summons for defendant’s appearance is issued, the running of the period of probation shall cease as of the time the warrant, summons, or detainer is issued.

Within 10 days following the arrest of an offender, the court shall determine if there is probable cause to detain him pending a final violation hearing and shall consider whether to allow the offender bail pending the final hearing.  The determination of probable cause may be made without a formal hearing and may be conducted through the use of affidavits.

Probation officers shall be deemed to be peace officers and shall have the same powers with respect to criminal matters and the enforcement of the law relating thereto as sheriffs, constables, and police officers have in their respective jurisdictions.  They have all the immunities and defenses now or hereafter made available to sheriffs, constables, and police officers in any suit brought against them in consequence of acts done in the course of their employment.



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