Execution Of Death Row Inmate Stayed to Allow Time For Organ Donation

Death Row Inmates and Organ Donation


Elizabeth Bagert Carpenter, Attorney at Law 


As many of you know, I am an advocate of organ donation due to the many health issues my mother suffered, i.e. liver and kidney failure.  Naturally, this story caught my eye and made me wonder why we do not routinely ask for permission to use the organs of executed inmates.  I believe that many would gladly donate their organs.  Such a donation could be a form of reconciliation to society or even a means of creating a sense of purpose for the atrocious, barbaric death penalty.  Ohio Department of Corrections tried to say that they are not equipped to facilitate organ donation.  All they need to do is let the transplant doctors know when the organs will be ready for harvesting.  It is not too complicated – maybe I am wrong?


“Yesterday Ohio Gov. John Kasich has stepped in to delay a convicted killer’s execution after the condemned man asked to donate his organs to ailing family members.  Ronald Phillips sought to donate his kidney to his mother and his heart to his sister. But the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction had said it was not equipped to facilitate organ donation.

Gov. Kasich announced that although Phillips’ crime was heinous, in the interest of saving lives, the state should examine whether it would be possible for the organs to be donated. The governor rescheduled the execution for July 2 to give the state time to study the feasibility of the proposition.  An executed inmate has never been an organ donor in the United States, a spokeswoman for the educational nonprofit Lifebanc stated.  Phillips was convicted of raping and killing his girlfriend’s 3-year-old daughter in 1993.”


What do you think?  Should we try to create an organ donation program for death row inmates?



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