Three New Louisiana Laws Regarding Gun Rights


Governor Bobby Jindal has signed three bills into law.  Two of these bills expand gun rights, while the third one restricts gun rights.


Carrying Weapons in Establishments that Serve Alcohol
A new law that allows concealed-carry permit holders to carry their weapons into restaurants that serve alcohol — the establishment must make most of its money from the sale of food rather than alcohol.  This law will also permit off-duty law enforcement officers to carry their guns into bars.  However, no one will be allowed to drink alcohol while carrying a weapon in restaurants.

The state’s concealed-carry law already allows for permit-holders to carry guns in restaurants that serve alcohol, the criminal statute outlawing guns at places that sell alcohol didn’t list an exception for restaurants that also serve alcohol.


Expand Louisiana “Stand Your Ground” Law
Under current law, a person who kills an intruder coming into his car or house is given the benefit of the doubt and can use self-defense as a lawful reason for the killing. But the same self-defense argument could not be legally applied to situations where a person hurt, but didn’t kill, the intruder.

This law essentially closes a loophole.  The belief is that people who end up harming — but not killing — an intruder or a carjacker should not be charged with attempted murder if those who kill those people don’t face those similar consequences.


Restricted Gun Rights for People Convicted of Domestic Battery
Anyone who has been convicted of domestic violence and is under a legal protective order will be prevented from possessing a gun for 10 years under a new law.

The National Rifle Association — which usually fights gun restrictions — remained neutral on the domestic battery provision, which is probably why Jindal agreed to sign the bill.

It has been said that Louisiana leads the nation when it comes to spouses murdering spouses with firearms.  I do not know if this is true.


Attorney Elizabeth B Carpenter is a New Orleans Criminal Defense Attorney who represents  many people who have been accused of gun crimes.


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