Bankruptcy Fraud

New Orleans Bankruptcy lawyers are the beneficiaries of when there is a down turn in the economy. With creditors closing in and desperation mounting, many people choose a bankruptcy attorney New Orleans based on price, an advertisement or, worst of all, no criteria at all. But selecting the right lawyer to handle your bankruptcy can affect your future. It’s a simple and sad fact that the fee will be a key element for most people when it comes to hiring a bankruptcy attorney. After all, money is at the root of this particular problem. The cost can range from $1,000 to $3,000 depending on what part of the country you live in. Fortunately, most New Orleans bankruptcy lawyers use a relatively standard agreement for a basic Chapter 7, liquidation, or Chapter 13, personal reorganization. The flat fee most of the costs of filing bankruptcy New Orleans. In a Chapter 13 case, the fee should also include but situations can change that affect the cost such as the case turning adversarial. According to Elizabeth Carpenter a bankruptcy lawyer in New Orleans, it’s important to make sure these services are all discussed in the representation agreement. eventualities like representing the debtor in an adversarial proceeding, such as when a creditor challenges the filing, to cover for any possible unforeseen litigation that may arise out of the bankruptcy. Litigation costs can quickly spiral out of control. New Orleans Bankruptcy attorney Elizabeth Carpenter urges people not to choose a New Orleans bankruptcy lawyer based solely on price because courts often cap how much a lawyer can make on a given case. If an bankruptcy attorney New Orleans is offering representation that is drastically lower than other attorneys in the area, that should be a red flag that either the attorney really doesn’t do much bankruptcy and/or will cut corners on your case. However, most top New Orleans bankruptcy attorneys will not give fees out over the phone without a complete consultation, so be wary of attorneys who just give a number over the phone without considering your specific situation. Any attorney can handle a bankruptcy, but in practice, only those who usually handle such cases are worth using, according to a New Orleans bankruptcy lawyer. But clients shouldn’t use the length of an attorney’s career as an indicator of their expertise. Rather ask, what percentage of the lawyer’s practice constitutes filing bankruptcy New Orleans and how many cases has the lawyer filed? Advertising in multiple areas usually makes an attorney a general attorney and a not a specialized bankruptcy attorney New Orleans. Looking and hire a New Orleans debt specialist attorney, someone with a more limited practice is an indication they specialize in debt restructuring. Previous legislation, targeting those who abused the system, resulted in widespread reform to the bankruptcy industry. But the changes also make it harder for some debtors who meet a minimum threshold for income in Louisiana bankruptcy laws, to file for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. In some cases, the law requires them to repay their debts through a reorganization rather than receiving outright forgiveness. In addition, it also required those seeking bankruptcy protections to take a credit counseling class before filing. While it is possible that the changes to the bankruptcy code may have little or no effect on some filers, it’s nearly impossible for a person who is not a lawyer to tell beforehand how their case may differ because of the new legislation. But perhaps more troubling is the possibility that some top bankruptcy lawyers haven’t kept up on the changes in the law. One piece of advice is to simply ask how your case is likely to be impacted by the 2005 changes to the bankruptcy code. If a lawyer can’t answer the broad strokes of that question in the initial consultation, it’s likely this is not the lawyer you want to represent you. While you should always seek out the services of an experienced bankruptcy lawyer New Orleans, the trouble is that spotting a one size fits all lawyer can be rather difficult for a layperson. The ranks of the local bar association are typically filled with lawyers who specialize in business bankruptcy, but there are usually more than a few lawyers who do personal work, and they tend to be the smarter, up-and-coming ones in that field. Another good way to spot a do it all attorney is by asking how many cases an attorney handles at a given time. A high-volume practice is also likely to be characterized by quick, superficial initial consultations, uncomplicated cases require at least an hour for the initial consultation so that the lawyer can familiarize himself with the client’s income over the previous six months and the present market value of their assets. It may sound obvious, but picking a lawyer who you aren’t comfortable with, even if the attorney is well qualified and competitive on price, is a recipe for disaster. Too often, people overlook the interpersonal factors that govern the lawyer/client relationship. If you don’t have a good feel for their attorney client relationship go elsewhere and don’t apologize. Filing a bankruptcy New Orleans is an emotional matter for most people. While that may mean walking away from an affordable, trustworthy and qualified bankruptcy lawyer New Orleans, is someone that you need to be able to talk with freely. That means that the preparation and research that goes into finding a good New Orleans bankruptcy attorney only lays the groundwork for a more difficult choice that requires the client to trust their instincts when it comes to assessing the character of their prospective lawyer. Elizabeth B Carpenter Law Firm (504) 599-5955 201 St Charles Ave Suite 2500, New Orleans, LA 70170

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