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Nursing License Defense Louisiana

New Orleans Attorney Elizabeth B. Carpenter defends nurses before licensing boards throughout Louisiana. Any nurse accused of unprofessional conduct needs a nursing license defense lawyer. These violations may stem from the nurse practice act and/or its rules which includes the basis upon which a board of nursing can take disciplinary action against a nurse licensee. In the act itself, the section may be titled “Disciplinary Grounds” or “Violations of the Act” or something similar. One ground that is often included as a basis for discipline of a nurse licensee is if the nurse is convicted of some kind of crime under the laws of any United States jurisdiction. The conviction can be by a jury verdict, by a plea of guilty, or by a finding of guilt, as examples. Louisiana may include only felony convictions (a serious crime such as murder, forgery, or diversion of controlled substances) A second basis for discipline of the nurse licensee is if the individual uses chemical substances, such as alcohol or narcotics, which could impair the individual’s ability to practice with reasonable skill, judgment or safety. Because chemical use and abuse is a major problem, some states have established non-disciplinary treatment programs for nurse licensees who are eligible for the program. As an example, if the nurse enters into the treatment program, surrenders his or her license during the treatment, and successfully completes its requirements, including aftercare, no discipline is taken against the nurse and no public record of the treatment takes place. If a nurse licensee engages in conduct that is determined to be unethical, unprofessional, or dishonorable, and such conduct could deceive, defraud or harm the public as defined in the act or its rules, disciplinary action can be taken against the individual nurse. Examples of reported disciplines that includes such conduct are falsifying or knowingly making incorrect entries in the patient record or related documents, failing to document and maintain accurate records, diverting controlled substances from the employer, and misappropriating property, equipment, materials, drugs or money from an employer or patient. Crossing professional boundaries with a patient, whether sexual or otherwise, is another common ground for which the board of nursing can take action. Examples include dating a patient, harassing a patient in some way, keeping secrets with a patient, witnessing legal documents for the patient, and excessive self-disclosure. If a nurse licensee’s clinical practice is not meeting standards of practice—the nurse can be disciplined as well. Because patient safety is always at issue when clinical difficulties exist in a nurse’s practice, they can be disciplined. It is important to remember that a patient does not necessarily need to be injured for a discipline to be imposed against a nurse when his or her clinical practice is under question. It is the risk to the patient that is the basis of any discipline that might be imposed by the board of nursing. Many nurses find themselves in trouble from negligence in their medical practices. This can be the result of mental illness or medical nursing incompetence or misconduct from drug abuse affecting your nursing practice. Nurses with drug addiction can find themselves facing criminal acts if they are accused in taking drugs from a hospital or medical office. It is a very serious and as a nurse, one needs representation. Contact New Orleans Criminal Defense Attorney Elizabeth B. Carpenter (504) 599-5955

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