Louisiana Psychologist Disciplinary Laws

Denial, Revocation or Suspension of Louisiana Psychologist License

The Louisiana statute regarding disciplining a licensed psychologist may be found at La. R.S. 37:2359.  This law states in pertinent part the following:

A psychologist and anyone under the supervision of a psychologist shall conduct their activities in conformity with ethical and professional standards promulgated by the board under its current rules and regulations.

The board shall have the power and duty to suspend, place on probation, require remediation for a specified time, revoke any license to practice psychology, any provisional license to practice psychology, or any license to practice as a specialist in school psychology issued by the board, or take any other action specified in the rules and regulations whenever the board, by affirmative vote of at least four members of a five-member hearing panel, shall find by a preponderance of the evidence that a psychologist, provisional licensed psychologist, or specialist in school psychology has engaged in any of the following acts or offenses:

(1) Fraud or deception in applying for or procuring a license to practice psychology.

(2) Practicing psychology in such a manner as to endanger the welfare of clients or patients, including but not limited to:

(a) Harassment, intimidation, or abuse, sexual or otherwise, of a client or patient.

(b) Engaging in sexual intercourse or other sexual contact with a client or patient.

(c) Gross malpractice, repeated malpractice, or gross negligence in the practice of psychology.

(3) Conviction of a felony. A copy of the record of conviction, certified by the clerk of the court entering the conviction, shall be conclusive evidence.

(4) Conviction of any crime or offense which reflects the inability of the practitioner to practice psychology with due regard for the health and safety of clients or patients.

(5) Use of repeated untruthful, deceptive, or improbable statements concerning the licensee’s qualifications or the effects or results of proposed treatment, including functioning outside of one’s professional competence established by education, training, and experience.

(6) Aiding or abetting the practice of psychology by any person not licensed by the board and in violation of this Chapter.

(7) Conviction of fraud in filing Medicare or Medicaid claims or in filing claims to any third party payor. A copy of the record of conviction, certified by the clerk of the court entering the conviction, shall be conclusive evidence.

(8) Exercising undue influence in such a manner as to exploit the client or patient for financial or other personal advantage to the practitioner or a third party.

(9) The suspension or revocation by another state of a license to practice psychology. A certified copy of the record of suspension or revocation of the state making such a suspension or revocation shall be conclusive evidence thereof.

(10) Refusal to appear before the board after having been ordered to do so in writing by a duly authorized agent of the board.

(11) Making any fraudulent or untrue statement to the board.

(12) Violation of the code of ethics adopted in the rules and regulations of the board or other immoral, unprofessional, or dishonorable conduct as defined in the rules and regulations of the board.

(13) Inability to practice psychology with reasonable skill and safety to patients or clients by reason of illness, inebriation, misuse of drugs, narcotics, alcohol, chemicals, or any other substance, or as a result of any mental or physical condition.

(14) Violation of any of the provisions of this Chapter or of the rules and regulations promulgated by the board thereunder.

(15) Failure to comply with mandatory reporter laws.

Disciplinary Proceedings

Proceedings for disciplinary action or for the denial or withholding of a license or provisional license under the authority of this Section shall be conducted in compliance with the Louisiana Administrative Procedure Act. The board may require a person against whom it has taken disciplinary action, after hearing or informal resolution, to pay reasonable costs of the proceedings incurred by the board for hearing and any judicial review in accordance with the provisions of the law. These costs shall be paid no later than 90 days after the adjudication by the board becomes final. No license or provisional license

The board may charge a hearing fee to include reasonable costs and fees incurred by the board for the hearing or proceedings, including its legal fees, stenographer, investigator, staff, and witness fees and any such costs and fees incurred by the board on any judicial review or appeal.

The board may charge an informal resolution fee, not to exceed $10,000.00 dollars, to include costs and fees incurred by the board for a disciplinary action that is resolved by settlement, consent decree, or other informal resolution including its investigator, staff, and legal fees.

The board may deny or withhold for a specified time not to exceed 2 years the granting of a license or provisional license to any applicant or candidate who has committed any of the acts or offenses set forth above.

Suspension by the board of the license of a psychologist, a provisional license of a psychologist, or a license of a specialist in school psychology shall be for a period not exceeding 2 years.

A person who has been refused a license or provisional license, or whose license has been revoked, under the provisions of this Section, may reapply for licensure after more than two years have elapsed from the date such denial or revocation is legally effective.

The board shall notify all licensed psychologists, provisional licensed psychologists, and licensed specialists in school psychology of any disciplinary action taken against a licensed psychologist, a provisional licensed psychologist, a provisional licensed psychologist, or a licensed specialist in school psychology.

Legal Assistance

If you are a licensed psychologist in Louisiana and have received a notice from the board involving a disciplinary investigation, contact attorney Elizabeth B. Carpenter today for a consultation. She believes in fiercely advocating for mental health providers. 504-599-5955

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