Louisiana Psychologist Licensing Law

Applying for a Psychologist License In Louisiana Laws

The statute pertaining to the licensing of Psychologists in Louisiana may be found at La. R.S. 37:2356.

This statute states in pertinent part:

The board shall issue a license as a psychologist to each applicant who files an application upon a form and in such a manner as the board prescribes, accompanied by such fee as required by law, and who furnishes evidence to that board of the following:

(1) Is at least 21 years of age.

(2) Is of good moral character.

(3) Is a citizen of the United States or has declared his intention to become a citizen. A statement by the applicant under oath that he is a citizen or that he intends to apply for citizenship when he becomes eligible to make such application shall be sufficient proof of compliance with this requirement.

(4) Is not in violation of any of the provisions of law and the rules and regulations adopted by the state law.

(5) Holds a doctoral degree with a major in psychology from a school or college as defined by the state. law.

(6) Has a minimum of 2 years of experience practicing psychology under the supervision of a psychologist, 1 year of which may be a predoctoral internship as defined in the rules and regulations of the board and required as part of the doctoral degree in psychology as defined by the board and all other experience being post-doctoral. Psychologists who can demonstrate 5 years of licensed practice as a psychologist in another state, with no disciplinary actions, may qualify to meet 1 year of post-doctoral experience as defined in the rules and regulations of the board.

(7) Demonstrates professional knowledge and competence by passing a written and oral examination in psychology prescribed by the board.

Application Investigation

Upon investigation of the application and other evidence submitted, the board shall, not less than 30 days prior to the examination, notify each applicant that his application and evidence submitted for licensure is satisfactory and accepted and that the applicant has been admitted to candidacy status, or unsatisfactory and rejected; if rejected, the board must inform the applicant the reason for the rejection.


The place of examination shall be designated in advance by the board, and such examination shall be given annually at such place and time and under such supervision as the board may determine, and specifically at such other times as, in the opinion of the board, the number of candidates warrants.

The examination shall be of such form and content as determined by the board.

The examination passing grade shall be determined by the board.

In the event a candidate fails to receive a passing grade on the written/oral examination, he may apply for re-examination and shall be allowed to take a subsequent written/oral examination upon payment of such fee as is required by Louisiana statute.

The board shall maintain as a record, in electronic or other format, all of the following items:

(1) The written examination papers.

(2) An accurate transcript of the questions and answers relating to the oral examinations.

(3) The grade assigned to each answer thereof.

Note:  If the Louisiana State Board of Examiners of Psychologists reasonably believes that a person applying for a license or for renewal of a license is not physically and mentally competent to render psychological services with reasonable skill and safety to his patients, or is afflicted with a disease or condition, either physical or mental, which would impair his competency to render psychological services, the board may request that the person submit to a physical examination by a medical doctor approved by the board and/or submit to a mental health examination by a psychologist and/or psychiatrist approved by the board. If the person refuses to submit to the examination, the board, after a hearing and upon finding reasonable cause, may issue an order requiring the person to submit to the examination. A person who is ordered to submit to an examination shall not be eligible for licensure or renewal of license prior to the examination.


Steps Towards Louisiana Psychologist Licensure

Legal Assistance

If you are having difficulty obtaining your Psychologist license in Louisiana or if you are presently under investigation by the Louisiana State Board of Examiners of Psychologists, you need an experienced New Orleans professional license defense attorney to advocate for you. Contact attorney Elizabeth B. Carpenter to schedule a consultation. 504-599-5955

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