Second Degree Rape / Forcible Rape — Louisiana Law

Second Degree Rape — La R.S. 14:42.1

Prior to the 2015 legislative session, Second Degree Rape was referred to as Forcible rape. For all purposes, “forcible rape” and “second degree rape” mean the offense defined by the provisions of this Section and any reference to the crime of forcible rape is the same as a reference to the crime of second degree rape. Any act in violation of the provisions of this Section committed on or after August 1, 2015, shall be referred to as “second degree rape”.

Second Degree Rape is rape committed when the anal, oral, or vaginal sexual intercourse is deemed to be without the lawful consent of the victim because it is committed under any one or more of the following circumstances:

(1)  When the victim is prevented from resisting the act by force or threats of physical violence under circumstances where the victim reasonably believes that such resistance would not prevent the rape.

(2)  When the victim is incapable of resisting or of understanding the nature of the act by reason of stupor or abnormal condition of the mind produced by a narcotic or anesthetic agent or other controlled dangerous substance administered by the offender and without the knowledge of the victim.

Penalty / Sentencing

Whoever commits the crime of forcible rape shall be imprisoned at hard labor for not less than 5 nor more than 40 years.  At least 2 years of the sentence imposed shall be without benefit of probation, parole, or suspension of sentence.

The court may sentence the offender to be treated with medroxyprogesterone acetate (MPA) according to a schedule of administration monitored by the Department of Public Safety and Corrections.  SEE Medroxyprogesterone Acetate (MPA) / Physical Castration Sex Offenders

Anyone convicted of Second Degree Rape must Register as a Sex Offender with the state for Life, to be conducted quarterly.

Second Degree Rape is a Crime of Violence under the Louisiana Code.

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