How Can We Help Protect Your Louisiana Nursing License

Ways A New Orleans Nursing Defense Attorney Can Help!

Nursing Board Complaint

Are you worried someone might file a nursing board complaint against you?

It is important to remember that anyone can file a complaint against you with the board of nursing, including a patient, co-worker, insurance company, family member, ex-spouse, etc… Once a complaint is filed and an investigation is opened, you have a very limited time to respond. Our nursing license defense attorney counsels nurses on ways to be proactive before the disciplinary process even begins by gathering and preserving evidence and making notations of all significant facts. Early attorney involvement can significantly expedite the process!

Letter From Nursing Board

Have you received a letter regarding an investigation from the nursing board?

Quite often when a nurse receives a letter regarding an investigation, her first response is to tell her side of the story under the assumption that the matter will then be closed. Nurses also tend to believe if they are fully transparent, the nursing board will view the issue as a mere misunderstanding and dismiss it. This is the number one mistake that I see nurses habitually make. Did you know that your response could be used against you later?

Please remember that the Licensing Board is not concerned about you or your livelihood. Our experienced nursing license defense attorney can help you draft a response in a light most favorable to you and help you gather supporting documentation. Our legal team is dedicated to protecting your rights.

Informal Meeting With The Board

Have you been called for a personal informal meeting with the nursing board?

You should never attend a meeting with a board staff member without an attorney by your side. We work with nurses to ensure that they are thoroughly prepared for this meeting and that they know how to answer questions in a clear, concise way. We also make sure that all of the correct questions are presented to the board staff member during a meeting. We go with you to serve as your advocate and mitigate any facts that may not be in your favor. Our clients often tell us that having a nurse defense attorney by their side made this meeting far more productive.

If the your licensing issue is not resolved after this meeting and you do need representation at a hearing on a filed complaint, our attorney will be far more prepared to fight for you if she accompanied you to this meeting.

Applying or Renewing Your License

Are you struggling to interpret and truthfully answer questions on your application?

Did you know that you could be accused of fraud or failure to disclose if you do not properly answer questions on your application? Alternatively, did you know that disclosing unnecessary information could create unnecessary impediments in obtaining your license. You may be concerned about how to answer questions related to convictions, drug and alcohol history, past disciplinary actions or termination. Unfortunately, many nurses create massive problems for themselves without even knowing it, simply by answering a question improperly.

We help nurses through the application process so that they answer honestly. We help them draft responses to explain criminal convictions, arrests, terminations and many other issues that could possibly prevent you from obtaining or renewing their license. With our legal help at this early stage, the Board may grant your license without a personal appearance or further investigation.

Hearings Before the Nursing Board

Have you received a hearing notice regarding a complaint against your license?

During this phase of an investigation charges have been filed and the board attorney is making her case on how you violated the Nurse Practice Act. If the board determines that you did indeed violate the law, they will then decide how you should be sanctioned. The members of the nursing board have the power to issue a public reprimanded, place your license on probation, suspension or at the worst, revoke your license.

You should never attempt to represent yourself at a hearing before any licensing board. You have too much to lose. If you choose to represent yourself, you need to know the licensing laws, the rules of evidence, the rules of administrative procedure and know how to object, cross-examine and create a record for possible appeal. Our nursing license defense attorney is also a trial attorney. She has spent her entire career in court rooms across the state fiercely advocating for her clients. This experience has enabled her to achieve impressive results for many nurses just like yourself.

Have you been called to a hearing for an emergency suspension on your license?

The Nursing Board has the right to summarily suspend your license if there is evidence of clear and immediate danger to public health and safety. If the Board has concerns that you are a threat to the public, you will be unable to work in your profession starting immediately. If the board makes such a determination, you have the right to contest their decision at a hearing. Our Louisiana nursing license attorney can craft a strong defense on your behalf and show the board that you can continue in your profession with no present danger whatsoever to the public. Having an attorney to speak for you at a hearing on a summary suspension is extremely important because anything you say can be used against you in other legal proceeding, including a criminal prosecution.

Again this is when you want an experienced litigator, who knows how to object, cross-examine and enter evidence into the record. This a stressful time and it is best to have an advocate in your corner who can protect your rights.

Help With A Probated Or Suspended Nursing License

Are you ready to get your license off probation or suspension?

Once a nurse has completed the requirements of probation or suspension, she will need to demonstrate this to the board and apply for reinstatement. The process of lifting the probation or suspension of a nursing license is sometimes challenging and complicated thereby requiring legal preparation and the experience of a nurse defense attorney. Our attorney helps nurses communicate with the board, meet the various Board requirements and file the necessary paperwork. We want our nurses to get back to work as soon as possible!

Do you need to respond to a notice of proposed violation of a monitoring agreement?

Unfortunately, this happens to many nurses during the monitoring process. Trying to argue alone why you did not violate a monitoring agreement can feel like an impossible task. Our attorney has experience examining proposed violations of monitoring agreements and presenting opposing evidence to the board staff. We do not want to see your license get suspended!

Contact: New Orleans Nurse Defense Attorney

Do you have a licensing issue that is not discussed above? That’s not a problem, we still want the opportunity to help you. Feel free to contact attorney Elizabeth B. Carpenter at 504-599-5955 or via out contact form.

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