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Elizabeth B. Carpenter is New Orleans attorney representing people in both criminal defense federal and state court and civil litigation, including sexual harassment and professional license defense. How to choose the right defense attorney in New Orleans is by choosing a responsive lawyer who is willing to explain your defense strategy and ensure you understand criminal defense practices. The right defense attorney specializes in Criminal Law and is familiar with New Orleans court system. Choosing an attorney experienced in the Local Courts is critical to your criminal defense case. There are many ways to check a criminal defense attorneys’ reputation. The most effective is to review past criminal defense records to ensure the defense lawyer has a good record in defending criminal cases. Finding the right New Orleans criminal defense attorney who is an expert defending against felony charges is a must in getting your criminal charges represented properly. A felony criminal charge must be represented with all the tools a New Orleans criminal defense lawyer has available. An expert criminal defense attorney collect facts and asks many questions on the case from the client. They also collect facts from the investigators. It is then up to the New Orleans criminal defense lawyer to create a strong case wherein the client will not be charged for felony crime. However, in the case of the client being truly guilty of the crime, then it is up to the criminal defense attorney to present the facts of the situation such that it is possible to maintain a doubt of guilt. Call the best New Orleans criminal defense attorney (504) 599-5955

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