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New Orleans Criminal Defense Attorney Mail Fraud. Mail fraud is a serious charge. Anyone charged with mail fraud runs the risk of a felony conviction for that offense, which will result in a significant fine and prison time, but can be charged with racketeering as well. If the defendant acted in cohert with anyone else, the prosecution can also charge under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. A RICO conviction increases the defendant to significantly more punishment in fines and incarceration. The prosecutor must convince the jury that the defendant had a scheme or plan to defraud someone of money, property, or honest services. The courts have defined fraud as conduct that breaks a legal or moral duty to another person, causing damages. When a company substitutes a lesser inferior product than that ordered by a customer, it constitutes fraud. But because the forms of fraud are almost limitless, and the concept so obvious, courts haven’t given us more precise definitions. Violating accepted norms of public policy can also constitute fraud, as when the scheme violates the duty of honesty, fair play, and right dealing in business and general public life. Courts have held that all that’s necessary is a scheme reasonably calculated to deceive persons of ordinary prudence and comprehension. Fighting mail fraud charges with New Orleans criminal defense attorney, Elizabeth Carpenter. In a mail fraud prosecution, the government need not prove that the scheme actually injured victims, or was even carried out completely. It’s not even necessary that the victim of the scheme had knowledge of its existence.
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