New Orleans Criminal Defense Attorney Cyber bullying is a misdemeanor crime. It occurs when a person communicates with another person under the age of 18 by means of electronic computers or cell phone and includes textual, visual, oral or written, with the intent to cause the recipient of the communication harm. To be convicted of cyberbullying, an accused must have willful and malicious intent to intimidate, torment, abuse or coerce the alleged victim. The methods through which this crime may occur are varied. From an Internet chat room, to electronic mail, to an online messaging service, there are a number of different ways an allegedly illegal communication may occur. The hard facts is that there is an electronic foot print of evidence in cyber bullying. Under Louisiana’s statute, the crime occurs when the communication was either originally sent, originally received or originally viewed. Pursuant to the Louisiana law, the communication may be viewed by any person for the crime to occur, which means that even if someone other than the original recipient received the communication, a crime may have occurred. A conviction for cyberbullying carries a possible fine of up to $500, as well as a jail sentence of up to six months. A person under the age of 17 who has been charged and convicted of cyberbullying may face a different disposition under the terms of Louisiana’s Children’s Code. A person who is being investigated for the criminal charge of cyberbullying, or who has been charged with such a crime, may wish to seek out legal counsel of Elizabeth Carpenter. An aggressive defense lawyer in New Orleans, may prove advantageous such as proving innocence, suppressing evidence, reducing charges or dismissing the charges entirely. Louisiana has is a state where school bullying is leads amoung the nation. Louisiana has the highest percentage of school fights, online bullying and students who attempt suicide in the nation. The state is taking cyber bullying serious. If you need a defense attorney specializing in cyber bullying in New Orleans Elizabeth Carpenter is the attorney to handle your cyber bullying charges. Cyberbullying is a real issue in schools today, as children are constantly communicating online with one another through social media and cell phones. If you child is charged with cyber bullying then it is time to contact a top defense attorney Elizabeth Carpenter. Or if your child is a victim of cyberbullying and you need assistance to protect their rights, call a cyber bully attorney New Orleans. All children could easily fall victim to cyberbullying. More and more we are seeing anonymous bullying online, which means any child could be a potential victim. Protecting children against cyberbullying after it has gotten out of hand is when you need a New Orleans cyberbullying attorney to get it stopped. While cyberbullying is a large issue, it is not the only kind of bullying that takes place in this day and age. Traditional bullying both physical and verbal is extremely present in Louisiana schools. Whatever form of bullying you child is experiencing, when it gets taken to a level that affect your childs emotional well being, is when you need to consider legal help for cyberbullying. A cyberbulling defense attorney can advise you on what can be done. When you have exhausted all channels of prevention of cyber bullying, then it is time to call a cyberbullying defense attorney New Orleans. Elizabeth Carpenter specializes in cyberbullying defense. Schools have rules against most of the type of bullying that takes place. It may take legal representation to stand up to a school to get them to enforce their schools bullying rules. There are anti-bullying laws and policies that already exist. Both Louisiana state and New Orleans governments continue to develop laws and rules to include all forms of bullying, like cyberbullying, online harassment, or bullying that occurs off-campus. Laws and policies should include both criminal and school sanctions. Schools that do not enforce practices to prevent, identify and respond to bullying need to be held accountable. The data shows that truancy increases where bullying is most prevalent. Unfortunately, to get a school to listen when cyberbullying and bullying is taking place, may take a cyberbulling specialist attorney New Orleans, Elizabeth Carpenter. She has spoken on the subject of online disinhibition effect of hiding behind a computer that encourages children to act in a manner that they normally would not act.Elizabeth B Carpenter Law Firm (504) 599-5955 201 St Charles Ave Suite 2500, New Orleans, LA 70170

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