Computer Aided Solicitation Of A Minor Louisiana Law

Computer Aided Solicitation of a Minor Defense The crime of “computer aided solicitation of a minor” became law in Louisiana on August 15, 2005. The penalties for violating the computer-aided solicitation statute are severe.  Whoever commits this crime must register as a sex offender for 25 years and serve a mandatory prison term.  The statute also specifically denies eligibility for probation, parole, or suspension of sentence.  It should be understood that the defendant is not eligible for good time either so the sentence is served flat.  This offense may not be expunged in the future. Computer-aided solicitation of a [...]

Unlawful Use or Access of Social Media By Sex Offender– Louisiana

Unlawful Use or Access of Social Network by a Sex Offender  The following shall constitute unlawful use of a social networking website:             (1) The intentional use of a social networking website by a person who is required to register as a sex offender and who was convicted of R.S. 14:81 (indecent behavior with juveniles), R.S. 14:81.1 (pornography involving juveniles), R.S. 14:81.3 (computer-aided solicitation of a minor), or R.S. 14:283 (video voyeurism) or was convicted of a sex offense as defined in R.S. 15:541 in which the victim of the sex offense was a minor. (2) The provisions of this [...]

Is Logging into a Friend’s Netflix Account a Federal Crime?

United States vs. Nosal - Recent Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Decision You access your friend's Netflix account after he gave you permission to use it with his login and password. Did you just commit a federal criminal offense? Earlier this year, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals decided 2-1 that sharing passwords to access computer databases can be grounds for criminal prosecution. The case was brought to the Appeals Court after David Nosal, an employee at the executive search firm Korn and Ferry International. Nosal left the firm in 2004 after being denied a promotion. Though he stayed [...]

Warrantless Search & Seizure of Computers

  Issues of Privacy Rights Pertaining to Computers and other Electronic Devices Winding Their Way Through the Courts In a separate web posting I detailed the ruling and background pertaining to Riley v. California, a 2014 U.S. Supreme Court decision which said that police cannot search the contents of a cell phone without a judicial warrant. The ruling generally was viewed by legal pundits and others as a victory for individual privacy rights, but other Fourth Amendment issues related to high-tech devices remained up in the air. Following the decision, legal questions surrounding warrantless police searches of other electronic tools [...]

Revenge Porn: A New Internet Crime

Revenge Porn: New Orleans Computer Crimes Attorney Perspective  Remember years ago when you would pack a shoe box with photos and other keepsakes after breaking-up with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Thanks to the internet, this practice has changed a little.  Yes, people still have the boxes with the stuffed animals, dried flowers and  promise ring, but they may also have a few intimate, sexual, digital photos sitting in a box of a different kind - Inbox. Those privately shared sexy photos are now in the hands of an angry ex who thinks that it would be amusing to post [...]

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Supreme Court Agrees To Hear Case On Child Porn Victim Restitution

Child Pornography Defense New Orleans   Elizabeth B. Carpenter -- New Orleans Criminal Attorney   If you are facing a Sex Crime charge in Louisiana for Possession, Production, Distribution of Pornography Involving Juveniles, it is imperative that you speak with an experienced New Orleans Sex Crime Defense Attorney.  American culture has created a witch hunt atmosphere for those accused of a sex crime; you will have to face hostile prosecutors and harsh public opinion.  Elizabeth B. Carpenter Law is here to defend you and to protect your freedom.  Ms. Carpenter has the experience necessary to effectuate skilled representation for those accused of Possession, Production, Distribution of Child [...]

Court Says Child Porn Victims Can Get Restitution — New Orleans Child Pornography Attorney

New Orleans Child Pornography Attorney  Elizabeth B. Carpenter Law is uniquely qualified to defend clients who have been accused of a child pornography offense in New Orleans area. We have represented countless clients in child pornography cases in Louisiana.  Some of the specific types of cases we address include the possession, production, possession, distribution or sale of child pornography in New Orleans. Our knowledge of the law and experience in child pornography defense gives us the skill you need to effectively challenge the allegations made against you.      Court Says Child Porn Victims Can Get Restitution   Child pornography [...]

Computer Crimes Involving Juveniles — Louisiana

New Orleans Sex Crime Defense Attorney    If you or a loved one has been accused of a Sex Crime Involving a Juvenile, you should contact a Sex Crime Defense Attorney in Louisiana as soon as possible.   Elizabeth B. Carpenter Law.   Ms. Carpenter is dedicated to defending and protecting the rights of those accused of Sex Crimes.  We are here to help you, not judge you!   Serving Clients in Orleans Parish, St. Tammany Parish, St. John Parish, St. James Parish, St. Bernard Parish, St. Charles Parish, Assumption Parish, Tangipahoa Parish, Terrebonne Parish, Plaquemines Parish and Jefferson Parish.    Computer Crimes Involving Juveniles [...]

Criminal Use of Internet, Virtual, Street-map; Enhanced Penalties — Louisiana

Louisiana Criminal Defense Attorney   Elizabeth B. Carpenter, Esq. -- Serving clients in Orleans, Jefferson, Terrebonne, St. Bernard, St. Charles, St. Tammany, St. John, Tnagipahoa, Assumption and Plaquemines Parishes.     Criminal Use of Internet, Virtual, Street-map; Enhanced Penalties -- La RS 14:73.9 When an Internet, virtual, street-level map is used in the commission of a criminal offense against a person or against property, an additional sentence for a period of not less than 1 year shall be imposed.  The additional penalty imposed pursuant to this Subsection shall be served consecutively with the sentence imposed for the underlying offense.

Unauthorized Use of a Wireless Router System; Pornography Involving Juveniles — Louisiana

Louisiana Sex Crime Computer Crime Defense Attorney   Elizabeth B. Carpenter, Esq. -- New Orleans Criminal Defense   If you are being accused of a Sex Crime, Computer Crime, Internet Crime, it is imperative that you have a skilled, aggressive attorney by your side.  Contact Elizabeth B. Carpenter Law for a consultation. Unauthorized Use of a Wireless Router System; Pornography Involving Juveniles -- La RS 14:73.8 Unauthorized use of a wireless router system is the accessing or causing to be accessed of any computer, computer system, computer network, or any part thereof via any wireless router system for the purposes of uploading, downloading, or [...]

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