Foster v. Humphrey: Supreme Court to hear issue of excluding black jurors at trial

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  Court Agrees to Hear Matter Pertaining to Exclusion of Black Jurors in Georgia Murder Trial – Foster v. Humphrey The famous U.S. Supreme Court case of Batson v. Kentucky in 1986 ruled that prosecutors could not use peremptory challenges (the dismissal of jurors without having to state a valid cause) during a criminal trial… Read more »

Jury Misconduct / Jury Tampering — Louisiana

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New Orleans Criminal Defense Attorney   Elizabeth B Carpenter Law — Serving Orleans, Jefferson, St. Tammany, St. Charles, St. James, St. John, Assumption, Plaquemines, Terrebonne and Tangipahoa Parishes!   Jury Misconduct — 14:130 Jury misconduct is committed when: Any petit or grand juror shall make any promise or agreement to give a verdict or finding for or… Read more »