Ferguson Legal Defense Committee Issues 48-Hour Emergency Call To Action

**Please forward widely** Ferguson Legal Defense Committee Issues 48-Hour Emergency Call To Action & All-Points Bulletin   To All People of Conscience: The Ferguson Legal Defense Committee (FLDC) has issued the following EMERGENCY CALL TO ACTION for all lawyers, legal workers and law students of conscience in anticipation of a major reaction to the (non or under) indictment of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson for the death of Michael Brown. FLDC was formed by lawyers and legal workers who provide legal support to the greater Ferguson organizers, their supporters and their communities. Support includes legal representation in criminal and other [...]

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New Orleans DWI Attorney Teaches Seminar To Other Legal Practitioners

    An article was published earlier this week about a DWI defense class that I taught to other attorneys.  I really enjoy talking about Louisiana DWI defense strategies with other attorneys.  I hope that I have more opportunities to conduct such classes this year.  Click HERE to read the article.   Happy Wednesday Everyone!      

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Louisiana Expungement Day 2012

Louisiana Expungement Attorney The East Baton Rouge Public Defender’s Office, the Greater Baton Rouge Chapter of the Louis A. Martinet Legal Society and the Louisiana Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers present: Expungement Day January 14, 2011 10:00AM - 2:00PM Dr. Leo S. Butler Community Center 950 E. Washington Street Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70802 The sponsors are proud to bring Expungement Day to Baton Rouge and the Dr. Leo S. Butler Community Center for the first time. Expungement Day is an opportunity for anyone who has a question about expunging an arrest or conviction to consult with an attorney free of [...]

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