Disturbing the Peace Law in Louisiana

Louisiana Disturbing the Peace Law --  La. R.S. 14:103 Elizabeth B. Carpenter is a New Orleans Disturbing the Peace attorney who represents people throughout South Louisiana. Disturbing the Peaceis the doing any of the following in such manner as would foreseeably disturb or alarm the public: (1)  Engaging in a fistic encounter; or (2)  Addressing any offensive, derisive, or annoying words to any other person who is lawfully in any street, or other public place; or call him by any offensive or derisive name, or make any noise or exclamation in his presence and hearing with the intent to [...]

Battery and Assault Crimes in Kenner

Kenner Battery and Assault Offenses Sec. 7-70. What is Battery under Kenner Muni Code? Battery is the intentional use of force or violence upon the person of another; or the intentional administration of a poison or other noxious liquid or substance to another. Sec. 7-71. What is Simple Battery in Kenner? Simple battery is a battery committed without the consent of the victim. Sec. 7-72. What is Assault under Kenner Muni Code? Assault is an attempt to commit a battery, or the intentional placing of another in reasonable apprehension of receiving a battery. Sec. 7-73. What is Aggravated Assault in [...]

New Orleans City Council reduces penalties for pot possession

  Penalties for Marijuana Possession Reduced in New Orleans About a month ago, I wrote about the possibility of the New Orleans City Counsel reducing the penalties for possession of Marijuana in the city limits. The Counsel voted unanimously on March 17 to allow police more leeway in issuing citations for simple marijuana possession. The 7-0 decision marks a policy change by city leaders that’s aimed at reducing the number of arrests for minor drug crimes, the Times-Picayune newspaper reported. A city ordinance already gave New Orleans police the authority to write a ticket for first-offense possession. The ordinance that [...]

Unauthorized Parking Motor Vehicle On Private Property

New Orleans Municipal Court Attorney     What Is Unauthorized Parking Of Motor Vehicle On Private Property?   Whenever any motor vehicle without a driver is reported in violation of this section, the officer, upon finding such vehicle shall, at his discretion, either remove the vehicle from the private property to the department pound or take its state vehicle license number and any other information displayed on the vehicle which may identify its owner, and shall conspicuously affix to the vehicle, in writing, a summons on a form provided by the city and this summons shall inform the owner to [...]

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