U.S. Veterans and the criminal justice system

    New Orleans-area Criminal Courts Trying to Help Troubled Veterans During the recent Veterans Day holiday, like most people in America, I was thinking about the plight of former soldiers. A large number of veterans are plagued by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, depression and other mental-health issues. They are dealing with substance abuse, financial problems, homelessness, criminal charges, civil disputes, lack of family or marital support – the list goes on.   The conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq that began early in the first presidential term of President George W. Bush were extremely costly in terms of the loss [...]

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Secret Injections and Messy Justice!

  On Tuesday, April 29, 2014 two convicted murderers were set to be given lethal injections for their crimes in Oklahoma. Clayton D. Lockett and Charles F. Warner were to be Oklahoma’s latest executions. As the clock drew down on Mr. Lockett he was supposed to be given his last meal, marched down to the execution chamber, strapped down, injected with a cocktail of lethal drugs and peacefully pass away….or so the authorities thought!   Normally, and in the recent past in the U.S., the practice of injecting a person with a fatal dose of drugs was pretty straight-forward and [...]

Crack Cocaine — Fair Sentencing Act 2010 Amendment

    Federal Criminal Defense Attorney     What Is the Crack Cocaine Amendment to the Federal Sentencing Guidelines?    Historically, federal law treated those convicted of crack cocaine offenses much more harshly than those convicted of offenses involving cocaine. This is despite the fact that chemically the substances are very similar and physiologically they react with the body in the same way.  The sentencing disparity between crack cocaine and cocaine offenses was originally 100 to 1. This means that if a conviction for 100 grams of cocaine would result in a 30 year sentence, it would only take 1 [...]

Synthetic Drug 25I: A New Schedule I Drug

New Orleans Drug Crime Attorney   By Elizabeth B Carpenter -- Criminal Defense Attorney New Orleans    Elizabeth B Carpenter Law is a premier law firm for Drug Crime defense.  We have defended almost every type of Drug Crime imaginable in South Louisiana.   If you are in need of a New Orleans drug crime attorney, contact our office today.       Synthetic Drug 25I: A New Schedule I Drug State health officials, top lawmakers and law enforcement personnel announce steps they have taken to ban a dangerous new drug, 25i, making it illegal in Louisiana. This relatively new drug, 25i, [...]

Court Says Child Porn Victims Can Get Restitution — New Orleans Child Pornography Attorney

New Orleans Child Pornography Attorney  Elizabeth B. Carpenter Law is uniquely qualified to defend clients who have been accused of a child pornography offense in New Orleans area. We have represented countless clients in child pornography cases in Louisiana.  Some of the specific types of cases we address include the possession, production, possession, distribution or sale of child pornography in New Orleans. Our knowledge of the law and experience in child pornography defense gives us the skill you need to effectively challenge the allegations made against you.      Court Says Child Porn Victims Can Get Restitution   Child pornography [...]

Penn State Sex Abuse Scandal Inspires New Laws In Louisiana

Criminal Defense Attorney New Orleans   Elizabeth B Carpenter -- Attorney New Orleans       Penn State University sex abuse scandal has resulted in new laws in Louisiana to penalize those who fail to report allegations of child sex abuse and protect those who do. One measure protects whistleblowers who report child sex abuse from employer retaliation, while two others penalize those who fail to report to law enforcement. A fourth adds certain classes of athletics coaches to the list of individuals required to notify authorities if they suspect child sex abuse. Under previous Louisiana law, child care providers, [...]

New DWI Law Mandates Stiffer Sentencing For Some Second Time Offenders

New Orleans DWI DUI Attorney  Elizabeth B. Carpenter, Esq. --  Second Offense DWI Penalties Louisiana   Serving DWI DUI Clients In Metairie, Kenner, Gretna, New Orleans, LaPlace, Hammond, Mandeville and Covington!   On August 1, 2012, HB 47 will go into effect.  This new piece of legislature provides for a mandatory 30 day sentence in Parish jail for second time offenders when the offense occurs within 1 year of the 1st.  The offender will also be required to participate in a court ordered substance abuse program.   The sentence of 48 hours will remain for second time offenders who are arrested [...]

Phenazepam is now listed as a Schedule I in Louisiana — New Orleans Drug Crime Attorney

NEW ORLEANS DRUG CRIME DEFENSE ATTORNEY Elizabeth B. Carpenter, Esq. -- New Orleans Criminal Defense Attorney     Governor Bobby Jindal has signed Act 346 of the Louisiana 2012 Legislative Session.  This act adds phenazepam to the list of Schedule I controlled dangerous substances.   Phenazepam is a benzodiazepine drug, which was developed in the Soviet Union and now produced in Russia and some CIS countries. Phenazepam is used in the treatment of neurological disorders such as epilepsy, alcohol withdrawal syndrome and insomnia. It can be used as a premedication before surgery as it augments the effects of anesthetics and reduces anxiety. Recently, phenazepam has gained popularity as a recreational drug; abuse has been reported in the United Kingdom, Finland, Sweden and [...]

Disarming of a Police Officer — Louisiana

New Orleans Criminal Defense Attorney   Elizabeth B. Carpenter, Esq. -- New Orleans Premiere Criminal Defense Attorney Serving Clients in Orleans Parish, St. Tammany Parish, St. John Parish, St. James Parish, St. Bernard Parish, St. Charles Parish, Assumption Parish, Tangipahoa Parish, Terrebonne Parish, Plaquemines Parish and Jefferson Parish.     Disarming of a Police Officer -- La RS 14:34.6 Disarming of a peace officer is committed when an offender, through use of force or threat of force, and without the consent of the peace officer, takes possession of any law enforcement equipment from the person of a peace officer or [...]

Wrongful Convictions Should Bring Maximum Compensation, Judge Rules

  Louisiana Criminal Defense Attorney   Elizabeth B. Carpenter -- Representing clients in St. John, Orleans, Jefferson, Assumption, St. Tammany, St. Charles, Tangipahoa and Plaquemines Parishes. Wrongful Convictions Should Bring Maximum Compensation, Judge Rules   By Paul Purpura, The Times-Picayune Three men who were wrongfully convicted of murdering an alleged crack dealer near Westwego in 1992 are entitled to the maximum $250,000 in compensation allowed by law for the years they spent in prison, a state judge ruled Thursday. Glenn Davis of Marrero, Larry Delmore Jr. of New Orleans and Terrence Meyers of Avondale, all about 40 years old, spent up to [...]

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