Crimes Affecting Persons with Infirmities – Louisiana

Cruelty to Persons with Infirmities In Louisiana the law for Cruelty to the Infirm can be found at La. R.S. 14:93.3. It defined as the intentional or criminally negligent mistreatment or neglect by any person, including a caregiver, whereby unjustifiable pain, malnourishment, or suffering is caused to a person with an infirmity, an adult with a disability, or a person who is aged, including but not limited to a person who is a resident of a nursing home, facility for persons with intellectual disabilities, mental health facility, hospital, or other residential facility. Definitions "Caregiver" is defined as any person [...]

Sexual Battery of the Infirm — Louisiana

Louisiana Sex Crime Defense Attorney   Elizabeth B. Carpenter, Esq. -- New Orleans Criminal Defense   If you are being accused of a Sex Crime, it is imperative that you have a skilled, aggressive attorney by your side.  Contact Elizabeth B. Carpenter Law  for a consultation.   Sexual Battery of the Infirm -- La RS 14:93.1 Sexual battery of the infirm is the intentional engaging in any of the sexual acts listed below with another person, who is not the spouse of the offender, when: (1)  The offender compels the victim, who is physically incapable of preventing the act because of advanced age [...]

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