Federal Drug Trafficking Penalties For Cocaine — Louisiana

    Federal Trafficking Penalties for Schedule II Cocaine   FOR:   Schedule II Cocaine --  500-4999 grams mixture            Or                           Schedule II Cocaine Base -- 28-279 grams mixture   First Offense: Not less than 5 yrs. and not more than 40 yrs. If death or serious bodily injury, not less than 20 yrs. or more than life. Fine of not more than $5 million if an individual, $25 million if not an individual.   Second Offense: Not less than 10 yrs. and not more than [...]

Defending Possession With Intent To Distribute Cases — Drug Crimes

    Are You Being Charged or Investigated for a Drug Crime in Federal or Louisiana State Court?   If you have recently been charged with possession with the intent to distribute, you need to enlist the assistance of an experienced New Orleans Drug Crimes Attorney immediately. Our firm has the experience and dedication required to take PWID charges head on. Click here to contact Attorney Elizabeth Bagert Carpenter.   Defending Against “Possession with the Intent to Distribute” Charges    Possession with the intent to distribute, or PWID as it is commonly known, is a serious charge and can result in long prison terms.   [...]

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