Extortion Defense — Louisiana

  Louisiana Extortion Criminal Cases Extortion in the State of Louisiana involves any attempt to gain anything of value by the use of threats. There are two prongs to an Extortion exchange: 1) A threat must be made and 2) It must have been made with the intent of gaining something, either something of value or some sort of preferential treatment. It differs from robbery in that a robbery involves a person’s money or possessions being taken by force. In Extortion the victim is willingly giving an item of value to someone in exchange for not doing something harmful or [...]

Extortion Laws — Louisiana

  New Orleans Extortion Defense Attorney   Extortion  --  La R.S. 14:66 Extortion is the communication of threats to another with the intention thereby to obtain anything of value or any acquittance, advantage, or immunity of any description. Any one of the following kinds of threats shall be sufficient to constitute extortion: (1) A threat to do any unlawful injury to the person or property of the individual threatened or of any member of his family or of any other person held dear to him. (2) A threat to accuse the individual threatened or any member of his family or [...]

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