SCOTUS: Cops Need a Warrant to Search Cell Phones

  Riley v. California: Supreme Court of the United States Says Law Enforcement May Not Look at Contents of Cell Phone without Warrant Can a cop seize your smart phone or flip-top phone and have his way with it -- combing through such devices (despite the lack of a search warrant) in a desperate effort to find incriminating evidence against you? The U.S. Supreme Court last year finally addressed the issue, perhaps with an eye toward ensuring future protection of an individual’s Fourth Amendment (privacy) rights pertaining to other high-tech devices, such as laptop computers. But first, allow me to [...]

Federal Drug Prisoners May Be Released Sooner

  It’s Time to Open these Gates! The U.S. Sentencing Commission (USSC) voted in favor of making new federal drug guideline sentence reductions retroactive.   Most of you know by now, our country is in the midst of an incarceration crisis.  Our great nation locks up more, per-capita, than any other nation.  Many of these inmates are victims of harsh sentencing initiatives resulting from the failed war on drugs. Last week, we received good news from Washington.  Nearly, 46,000 federal drug offenders (25% of BOP population) will be able to file a motion in court to have their sentence reduced by [...]

Federal Drug Trafficking Penalties For Cocaine — Louisiana

    Federal Trafficking Penalties for Schedule II Cocaine   FOR:   Schedule II Cocaine --  500-4999 grams mixture            Or                           Schedule II Cocaine Base -- 28-279 grams mixture   First Offense: Not less than 5 yrs. and not more than 40 yrs. If death or serious bodily injury, not less than 20 yrs. or more than life. Fine of not more than $5 million if an individual, $25 million if not an individual.   Second Offense: Not less than 10 yrs. and not more than [...]

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