Use Of Forged Academic Records — Louisiana Law

  Use Of Forged Academic Records -- La. R.S.  14:72.1   A.  A "forged academic record" shall mean a transcript, diploma, grade report, or similar document which is presented as being a bona fide record of an institution of secondary or higher education, but which is, in fact, false, forged, altered, or counterfeit. B.  "Use of a forged academic record" shall mean the knowing and intentional offering, presentation, or other use of a forged academic record to a public or private institution of higher education in the state for the purpose of seeking admission to that institution, or one of [...]

Forgery — Louisiana Law

White Collar Crime Defense New Orleans   Elizabeth B. Carpenter, Esq. -- New Orleans Criminal Defense Attorney Forgery   Our firm has served many Louisiana Citizens who are facing white collar felony and misdemeanor charges in state and federal court.   FORGERY La.R.S. 14:72   It shall be unlawful to forge, with intent to defraud, any signature to, or any part of, any writing purporting to have legal efficacy. Issuing, transferring, or possessing with intent to defraud, a forged writing, known by the offender to be a forged writing, shall also constitute a violation of the provisions of this Section. [...]

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