SCOTUS Update: Foster v. Humphrey

  Foster v. Humphrey U.S. Supreme Court Decision Last year, I wrote about United States Supreme Court agreeing to hear argument in the case of Foster v. Humphrey. This case is out of the state of Georgia and involves an African American man that was convicted of murder by an all-white jury. Timothy Tyrone Foster was convicted of murdering a 79-year-old school teacher in 1987. During the murder trial, the defense raised the objection that the state prosecutors intentionally excluded African American jurors during the jury selection. The trial court denied Foster’s claim that racial discrimination was committed during jury selection. [...]

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Foster v. Humphrey: Supreme Court to hear issue of excluding black jurors at trial

  Court Agrees to Hear Matter Pertaining to Exclusion of Black Jurors in Georgia Murder Trial - Foster v. Humphrey The famous U.S. Supreme Court case of Batson v. Kentucky in 1986 ruled that prosecutors could not use peremptory challenges (the dismissal of jurors without having to state a valid cause) during a criminal trial based solely on race.   Nearly 30 years later, a possible Batson violation is scheduled for the Supreme Court’s fall-winter docket. The Court recently agreed to hear the case, Foster v. Humphrey, wherein Timothy Tyrone Foster was convicted by an all-white jury in Georgia of the murder [...]

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