Affirmative Defense to Kidnapping — Louisiana

  Kidnapping Defense Attorney New Orleans -- Louisiana Law Louisiana Kidnapping Laws -- Here!    Affirmative Defense to Kidnapping The only affirmative defense available for a Kidnapping Charge is Coercion, Duress, or Compulsion.  These generally refer to situations in which a defendant charged with a crime asserts that she committed the offense under a threat from another person to do harm to the defendant if the defendant did not commit the crime. The defense of duress is available when the defendant is coerced to engage in unlawful conduct by the threat or use of unlawful physical force of such degree that [...]

Kidnapping Laws — Louisiana

   New Orleans Kidnapping Defense Lawyer Below is a list of all the Louisiana statutes regarding Kidnapping Crimes.  If you have been accused of kidnapping, a New Orleans criminal attorney can help you.  These are very serious charges.  It will take a skilled attorney to prepare your defense.  We are waiting to defend your rights!     Interference with the Custody of a Child -- La R.S. 14:45.1 Interference with the custody of a child is the intentional taking, enticing, or decoying away of a minor child by a parent not having a right of custody, with intent to detain or [...]

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