Disturbing the Peace Law in Louisiana

Louisiana Disturbing the Peace Law --  La. R.S. 14:103 Elizabeth B. Carpenter is a New Orleans Disturbing the Peace attorney who represents people throughout South Louisiana. Disturbing the Peaceis the doing any of the following in such manner as would foreseeably disturb or alarm the public: (1)  Engaging in a fistic encounter; or (2)  Addressing any offensive, derisive, or annoying words to any other person who is lawfully in any street, or other public place; or call him by any offensive or derisive name, or make any noise or exclamation in his presence and hearing with the intent to [...]

Resisting A Police Officer — Louisiana

Louisiana Law Resisting an Officer -- La R.S. 14:108 Under Louisiana Law, Resisting an officer is the intentional interference with, opposition or resistance to, or obstruction of an individual acting in his official capacity and authorized by law to make a lawful arrest, lawful detention, or seizure of property or to serve any lawful process or court order when the offender knows or has reason to know that the person arresting, detaining, seizing property, or serving process is acting in his official capacity. Definitions: "Obstruction of" as used herein shall, in addition to its common meaning, signification, and connotation [...]

Unlawful Sales of Weapons to Minors — Louisiana

Unlawful Sales of Weapons to Minors -- La RS 14:91 Unlawful sales of weapons to minors is considered a law that aims to protect the health and morals of minors. It is defined as the selling or otherwise delivering for value of any firearm or other instrumentality customarily used as a dangerous weapon to any person under the age of 18.  Lack of knowledge of the minor's age shall not be a defense. Whoever commits the crime of unlawful sales of weapons to minors shall be fined not more than $300.00 dollars or imprisoned for not more than 6 months, [...]

Filing A False Complaint Against Law Enforcement — Louisiana

Louisiana Filing a False Complaint Against Law Enforcement Defense Attorney   Elizabeth B. Carpenter, Esq. -- New Orleans Criminal Defense   Filing a False Complaint Against a Law Enforcement Officer -- 14:133.5 Filing a false complaint against a law enforcement officer is knowingly filing, by affidavit under oath, a false statement or false representation with a law enforcement agency regarding the conduct, job performance, or behavior of a law enforcement officer for the purpose of initiating an administrative action against that law enforcement officer. Whoever commits the crime of filing false statements against law enforcement officers shall be fined not more [...]

Criminal Trespass Laws — Louisiana

  Criminal Trespass Law Louisiana -- La R.S. 14:63 No person shall enter any structure, watercraft, or movable owned by another without express, legal, or implied authorization. No person shall enter upon immovable property owned by another without express, legal, or implied authorization. No person shall remain in or upon property, movable or immovable, owned by another without express, legal, or implied authorization.   Exceptions The following persons may enter or remain upon the structure, watercraft, movable or immovable property, of another without the action considered criminal trespass: (1)  A duly commissioned law enforcement officer in the performance of his [...]

Using a Fake ID to Purchase Alcohol or Enter a Bar — Louisiana

  Misrepresentation Of Age To Obtain Alcoholic Beverages Or Gain Entry To Licensed Premises Prohibited -- La R.S. 14:333 New Orleans Misdemeanor Defense Attorney   It is unlawful for any person under the age of twenty-one years to present or offer to any person having a license or permit to sell alcoholic beverages or to his agent or employee, any written, printed, or photostatic evidence of age and identity which is false, fraudulent, or not actually his own for the purpose of obtaining or purchasing alcoholic beverages or attempting to enter the licensed premises.   Whoever violates the provisions of [...]

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Criminal Mischief — Louisiana Law

  New Orleans Criminal Mischief Attorney Louisiana Criminal Mischief is a misdemeanor offense that can be prosecuted in both state or municipal court.  If you are facing a criminal mischief charge, contact an experienced Misdemeanor Defense Attorney.   Criminal Mischief -- La R.S. 14:59 Criminal mischief is the intentional performance of any of the following acts: (1)  Tampering with any property of another, without the consent of the owner, with the intent to interfere with the free enjoyment of any rights of anyone thereto, or with the intent to deprive anyone entitled thereto of the full use of the property. [...]

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