What to do after a DWI arrest in Louisiana

What to do after a DWI arrest in Louisiana 1. Remember That Drunk Driving Is A Criminal Offense Some people believe that a drunk driving arrest is not really any different than a traffic citation. That is simply not the case. Most traffic offenses are civil infractions, which carry no significant penalty other than a fine and a possible driver's license suspension. A conviction for a drunk driving offense will result in a criminal record, and can potentially result in significant fines and a jail sentence or term of probation.  A DWI conviction remains on your driving record for [...]

Operating A Vehicle While Under Suspension For DWI — Louisiana

    OPERATING A VEHICLE WHILE UNDER SUSPENSION FOR DWI -- La. R.S. 14:98.3   A.  It is unlawful to operate a motor vehicle on a public highway where the operator's driving privileges have been suspended under the authority of R.S. 32:414(A)(1), (B)(1) or (2), (D)(1)(a), or 667.  It shall not be a violation of the provisions of this Section when a person operates a motor vehicle to obtain emergency medical care for himself or any other person. B.  Whoever violates the provisions of this Section shall be imprisoned for not less than fifteen days nor more than six months [...]

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