DWI Additional Conditions Of Probation — Ignition Interlock Device In Louisiana

  NEW ORLEANS DWI DEFENSE ATTORNEY   Elizabeth Bagert Carpenter, Esq.  --  Defending DWI Cases In South Louisiana   DWI ADDITIONAL CONDITIONS OF PROBATION -- IGNITION INTERLOCK DEVICE  La R.S. 15:306   A.(1)  As an additional condition of probation, the court shall require that any person convicted of a second or subsequent violation of R.S. 14:98 and placed on probation in accordance with that Section shall not operate a motor vehicle during the period of probation unless any vehicle, while being operated by that person, is equipped with a functioning ignition interlock device as provided in R.S. 15:307. (2)  However, [...]

Information About DMV Hearings — DWI Defense Louisiana

New Orleans DWI DUI Attorney      Elizabeth B. Carpenter, Esq. --  DWI DUI Attorney New Orleans    Information About DMV Hearings By Elizabeth B Carpenter   If you have been arrested for a DWI in New Orleans area, a lawyer can help you with both the criminal side of your case and your DMV hearing, which addresses the suspension of your driving privileges in Louisiana. Your DMV hearing is just as important as your criminal case, and thus it is essential that you work with an attorney on this as well.   A New Orleans DWI Defense Attorney can [...]

Field Sobriety Tests: Understanding the Three Forms — DWI Defense Louisiana

New Orleans DWI DUI Attorney      Elizabeth B. Carpenter, Esq. --  DWI DUI Attorney New Orleans    Field Sobriety Tests: Understanding the Three Forms  By Elizabeth B Carpenter In most Louisiana DWI cases, before breath and blood tests are utilized, law enforcement officers will use what is known as the field sobriety test. These are a common first way of determining the level of intoxication of the subject. For a long time, these tests were not standardized and were different across the board - varying from place to place. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), however, has since [...]

Vehicular Homicide — Louisiana

New Orleans Vehicular Homicide Attorney   Elizabeth B. Carpenter, Esq. -- Serving clients in Orleans, Jefferson, Terrebonne, St. John, St. Tammany, St. Charles, St. Bernard, Tangipahoa and Assumption Parishes!   Attorney Elizabeth B Carpenter Ms. Carpenter has defended nearly every kind of  Drinking and Driving case Imaginable.  It is very important to consult a DWI attorney immediately after a DWI arrest to preserve your driving privileges.  DWI arrests are based solely on officers’ subjective opinions and machines used to measure blood alcohol content can be unreliable, especially when not administered properly. Therefore, DWI defense is very complicated and involves an intricate understanding of the [...]

New Orleans DWI: Drinking and Driving Laws in Louisiana

DWI Attorney - New Orleans Louisiana is a member of the Interstate Drivers License Compact – an agreement between participating states to share information regarding certain types of convictions including DUI / DWI and related Drunk Driving offenses. If a resident of one state gets convicted of a drunk driving offense in another state, the driver’s home state will be notified. The type of action the driver’s home state will take varies from state to state. In the State of Louisiana it is illegal to drive with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 percent or above. The .08 [...]

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