Prison Litigation Reform Act

  Litigating Claims Under the P.L.R.A. Under the Eighth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, prisoners shall be protected from inhumane treatment or anything considered to be “cruel and unusual” while they are incarcerated in a U.S. Prison. When the Eighth Amendment was first passed to protect prisoners, “cruel and unusual” meant extreme forms of torture or death. However, revisions have been made to the law to prohibit conditions such as sexual assault, violence, poor prison living conditions, and lack of proper medical treatment. Unfortunately, prisoners are still victims of inhumane treatment in prisons across the United States. In 1996, in [...]

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Are Strip Searches in Jails Legal?

  Florence vs. County of Burlington: United States Supreme Court Rules Strip Searches in Jails are always Legal Recently, I had a client who was charged with with simple possession of marijuana. He was actually arrested for an outstanding traffic ticket attachment when the deputies allegedly found a joint on him after a strip search. My first thought in this case was, "Is it legal for a jail to strip search someone who has been arrested for a simple traffic ticket?" The deputies actions seemed a little overzealous to me. It sounded like a 4th Amendment violation against unlawful search [...]

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