Misdemeanor Sexual Battery — Louisiana Law

Misdemeanor Sexual Battery During the 2015 legislative session, Louisiana lawmakers created the crime of misdemeanor sexual battery.  This offense is defined as the following: The intentional touching of the breasts or buttocks of the victim by the offender, or the offender by the victim, using any instrumentality or any part of the body of the offender, directly or through clothing, when the offender acts without the consent of the victim. Anyone who is convicted of this offense is not eligible to have the conviction set aside or have the prosecution dismissed.  In other words. the person may not plea [...]

Federal Law On Classifying Sex Offenders

      In 2006 the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act made a number of changes regarding sex offender laws including laws that imposed on the states requirements pertaining to state sex offender registration on where, when and how long sex offenders must register.   The law requires each jurisdiction to maintain a sex offender registry that divides sex offenders into three tiers and requires different registry periods for each tier.   Tiers   Tier III sex offender --  the most serious classification. These sex offenders are convicted of an offense that is punishable by more than one year in [...]

Aggravated Crimes Against Nature — Louisiana Law

     AGGRAVATED CRIMES AGAINST NATURE -- La.R.S. 14:89.1   Aggravated crime against nature is crime against nature committed under any one or more of the following circumstances: (1)  When the victim resists the act to the utmost, but such resistance is overcome by force; (2)  When the victim is prevented from resisting the act by threats of great and immediate bodily harm accompanied by apparent power of execution; (3)  When the victim is prevented from resisting the act because the offender is armed with a dangerous weapon; or (4)  When through idiocy, imbecility, or any unsoundness of mind, either [...]

Sentencing of Sex Offenders — Louisiana Law

New Orleans Sex Crimes Defense Attorney   Attorney  Elizabeth B. Carpenter -- Representing Sex Offenders in Baton Rouge, Orleans, Jefferson, St. Charles, St. John, St. Tammany, St. Bernard Parishes.     Dedicated to reforming Sex Offender Registration Laws!   SENTENCING OF SEX OFFENDERS -- La.R.S. 15:537   If a person is convicted of or pleads guilty to, or where adjudication has been deferred or withheld for a violation of any of the following:   R.S. 14:78 (incest), R.S. 14:78.1 (aggravated incest), R.S. 14:80 (felony carnal knowledge of a juvenile), R.S. 14:81 (indecent behavior with juveniles), R.S. 14:81.1 (pornography involving juveniles), [...]

Penn State Sex Abuse Scandal Inspires New Laws In Louisiana

Criminal Defense Attorney New Orleans   Elizabeth B Carpenter -- Attorney New Orleans       Penn State University sex abuse scandal has resulted in new laws in Louisiana to penalize those who fail to report allegations of child sex abuse and protect those who do. One measure protects whistleblowers who report child sex abuse from employer retaliation, while two others penalize those who fail to report to law enforcement. A fourth adds certain classes of athletics coaches to the list of individuals required to notify authorities if they suspect child sex abuse. Under previous Louisiana law, child care providers, [...]

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