Prohibited Communication Between Offender and Victim Louisiana

Communication between offender and victim prohibited - La. R.S. 46:1846 A person who has been charged by bill of information or indictment with any crime of violence or any offense, that is a felony, committed upon a family member, household member, or dating partner or any immediate family member of such person, is prohibited from communicating, either by electronic communication, in writing, or orally, with a victim of the offense, or any of his immediate family members for which the person has been charged or for which disposition of the case is pending. These provisions apply to communication between [...]

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Violation of Protective Orders or Restraining Order– Louisiana

  Violation of Protective Orders   The law pertaining to a violation of a Protective Order can be found at Louisiana Revised Statute 14:79. Legal Definition Violation of protective orders is the willful disobedience of a preliminary or permanent injunction or protective order, after a contradictory court hearing, or the willful disobedience of a temporary restraining order or any ex parte protective order, if the defendant has been given notice of the temporary restraining order or ex parte protective order by service of process as required by law. A defendant may also be deemed to have been properly served [...]

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